Device Operations    
How to find the MAC address of the device?

There are three ways to obtain the MAC address: …… Read more

2019-12-10 02:22:29

Instructions of Ubibot Probes Connection

Ubibot insists on researching and developing self-…… Read more

2019-8-30 10:26:25

USB Power Down Alerts

Ubibot recently released a new feature: USB power …… Read more

2019-5-10 11:03:22

The difference between Once-only alert and Continuous alert.

Once-only alert : Only trigger an alert the first …… Read more

2019-3-22 02:37:04

Introduction of the features of the Ubibot App

Watch video on YouTube : UbiBot ® WS1 WiFi Devic…… Read more

2019-2-21 05:02:13

Battery life of the four types of Ubibot devices.

The WS1 and WS1 Pro device can be powered both by …… Read more

2019-1-31 08:36:55

Why are my device Temperature readings not accurate?

Regarding to the sensing accuracy of the device, p…… Read more

2018-11-25 01:23:41

My device isn’t synchronising with the IoT platform. Why?

Please check the following things: Check that t…… Read more

2018-11-13 06:31:11

What are the typical peak values for the light sensor? And how can I ensure accurate readings?

The device can record light levels from 0 to 83,00…… Read more

2018-11-13 06:30:05

Two devices in the same area show different temperatures. Why?

Please note: The device may temporarily show in…… Read more

2018-11-13 06:28:18

When the device is first powered on, why is the indicator flashing red and green?

A new device always defaults to WiFi setup mode (i…… Read more

2018-11-13 06:24:43

How to change measurement and data sync frequency?

By default, your device will take sensor readings …… Read more

2018-11-12 05:11:25

How do I mount the device?

All our devices are lightweight and designed for e…… Read more

2016-2-26 16:09:51

How do I set up alerts?

You can manage your alerts in the Alerts page in t…… Read more

2016-2-25 11:21:03

What’s the storage capacity of the device?

All our devices have a large built-in memory that …… Read more

2016-2-24 15:24:05

What is the battery life of the WS1?

When using high performance alkaline batteries, th…… Read more

2016-2-23 13:39:01