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Use UbiBot with IFTTT platform

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2019-12-18 06:16:43

Why does the device temperature differs from the external temperature?

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2019-7-9 05:48:50

About Free Plan Subscription

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2019-2-6 09:40:34

IFTTT Webhooks Integration with UbiBot Trigger Alerts and UbiHTTP

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2019-1-20 13:19:14

How can I view the data if there is no WiFi connection?

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2018-11-30 05:15:42

Why are my device Temperature readings not accurate?

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2018-11-25 01:23:41

Data storage limit

Does the device have internal storage? Yes. It …… Read more

2018-11-12 06:26:39

How to view the data remotely?

All the sensing data is periodically synced to our…… Read more

2018-11-12 06:01:00

Sync external probe data

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2018-11-12 05:56:13

How to sync data to the platform?

As long as you connect the device to the WiFi netw…… Read more

2018-11-12 05:49:03

How to share data with another user?

You can enable data sharing from the App and from …… Read more

2017-10-10 13:11:41

What are the typical peak values for the light sensor? And how can I ensure accurate readings?

The device can record light levels from 0 to 83,00…… Read more

2017-9-6 15:13:31

Data Synchronizing Failed

I have set up my device, but I don't see any data …… Read more

2017-9-6 13:44:19

How often are data measurements taken and what is the default frequency for data synchronization?

By default your device will take readings every 5 …… Read more

2017-9-6 13:43:11