Privatization deployment, a safe choice for enterprises

UbiBot OPP is designed based on the mature product system of UbiBot public IoT data platform. This enterprise-level IoT platform supports enterprise intranet management with high performance, high stability and high scalability. All UbiBot’s hardware products can be privately accessed and providing a one-stop IoT solution for industry leaders and institutions. UbiBot OPP provides the same functional experience as the public version of UbiBot. It can be deployed on customer’s local server which support operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux. All historical data and moving trends are visualised which greatly improves the efficiency of the company.To purchase, please read the pre-sales notice.


Price negotiable

Customized amount of support device

Customized services, to better meet user needs


$ 0/ Year

Support up to 10 devices

Basic application functions, quick start and use at zero cost


$ 699/ Year

Support up to 100 devices

Economical and practical, meet the basic needs of customer


$ 1299/ Year

Support up to 200 devices

Detailed functions, the first choice for medium-sized enterprises


$ 2499/ Year

Support up to 500 devices

Multi-domain management, preferred by large enterprises


$ 4999/ Year

Support up to 1000 devices

Enjoy privileges and make management more convenient

Plan Capacity






Available device/ account 10 devices/
1 accounts
100 devices/
5 accounts
200 devices/
20 accounts
500 devices/
50 accounts
1000 devices/
100 accounts
Real-time data view
Graphical view
Information management
Device and sensor setting
Calibration value setting
Web console
PC Tool
White-label Tools
Data Import/Export
Alert rules setting
Group management
Virtual sensor management
Data mark-able
Email/ Platform/ Device alerts
Script Plugins (PHP)
Mobile App
Account authority management
Batch devices management
Batch alert rules setting
Batch control management
Data forwarding
Automation management
Advanced charting
Auto report creation and push
Customised data Visualisation
Power analysis and statistics
HTTP integration alert
Automated data backup
Advanced data analysis
IoT SIM management
Firmware upgrade
Message/ Voice call alerts
UbiBot Opp Customization

This customized service is based on the company's own needs. It is not only suitable for scenarios such as intelligent agricultural greenhouses, machine rooms and warehouses, but also for transportation, medical and industrial scenarios. We will organize and deliver relevant applications and server deployments to the company for build-up easy and quick. Users can flexibly extend the platform according to their business needs to create their own big-data solutions.

Deeper integration

Flexible configuration according to the business needs of each department of company

Rapid Deployment

The UbiBot Opp platform framework will be delivered completely. It is easy to install and debug. It can be used without the need for a technical team.

Complete operational services

We will provide the solution of software products to help customers run the platform stably. Meanwhile, we also offer timely software upgrade.