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1.Obtain the local IP address of the server

  1. Press Win+R, enter “cmd” and click [OK].
  2. Enter “ipconfig” and record the IP Addresses.

2.Obtain the local IP address of the server

  1. Open UbiBot App Center(, click [Try it now]. Then jump to the ordering page. (Please log in with your UbiBot account)

  2. Enter the order page and click [Buy now].
  3. Open the order confirmation page. Enter the name, domain name, and IP address (required), then click [Submit].
    For a LAN, confirm the IP address of the server to be deployed. Set the domain name and IP address to this IP address. If no domain name is available, use the local IP address of the server. See the previous section for how to obtain the local IP address.
  4. View the related information on the service details page.
  5. Click [Services], and download the framework,key and file.