Icono del canal de carga (archivo) 2022-07-27


The Upload Channel Icon call allows you to upload or replace the custom icon associated with the channel. There are two methods. The first method attaches the file with the icon to the API call. The second method triggers an HTTP request with a Base64 encoded image.

HTTP Method


API URL (File method)


Where CHANNEL_ID is the ID of the target channel.

URL Parameters (File method)

account_key or token_idStringRequiredSpecify the account_key from the user account or token_id obtained after login.
channel_iconFileRequiredThe image must be a JPG, GIF or PNG file with a maximum size of 1MB.


An HTTP code of 200 is responded for each successful data requests. Body contains a JSON object with the success message.

Error: See the separate list of error codes for more details