Lista de claves API del canal 2022-07-27


This API call will return a list containing all API keys associated with the specified channel.


Where CHANNEL_ID is the ID of the target channel and the parameters are as defined below.

HTTP Method


URL Parameters

account_key or token_idStringRequiredSpecify the account_key from the user account or token_id obtained after login.


An HTTP code of 200 is responded for each successful data requests. The message body contains a JSON object containing all the API keys for the specified channel.

Error: See the separate list of error codes for more details.

NB The write_key is used to update the channel and its feeds. Each channel has a single write_key.  A read_key allows the channel metadata to be read. Each channel can have up to 10 read_keys. These will be returned as a list.



The response is a JSON object containing the write_key and the list of read_keys that are available. For example: