Tipos de error del dispositivo 2022-07-27


You can use USB serial or direct TCP connection to read the device’s recent errors. It helps to diagnose your device issues.


Please refer to the Serial APIs page for more information.

{"command": "GetLastError"}


If there is no error found:


Otherwise, it will show all the recent errors that have been encountered. The keys in JSON response are the error types. The numeric values are the timestamps these errors were recorded. For example:


Device Error Types

  • mlc_flr: device memory allocation error
  • stc_ov_fw: device memory overflow
  • wd_rst:  watchdog reset
  • c_wf_flr:  failed to connect to the WiFi
  • rsl_h_flr: failed to resolve the DNS domain.
  • c_srv_flr:  failed to connect to the UbiBot server
  • api_gt_flr: failed to activate the device
  • udt_tm_flr: failed to sync the device clock
  • mry_dt_err:  internal storage JSON format error
  • pt_dt_js_err:  uploaded data was not valid JSON format
  • pt_dt_flr:  data upload failed
  • simcard_err: no SIM card was found (only for WS1 Pro)
  • c_gprs_flr:  failed to connect to the mobile network provider using the SIM card provided (only for WS1 Pro)
  • enet_cnt_err:Network (Ethernet cable) connection error
  • ip_cft_err:IP address conflict
  • dns_rsv_err:DNS (Ethernet cable) resolution error
  • scn_wf_flr:WiFi scanning failed
  • wf_pwd_wr:WiFi password error