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Big data, analytics and visualisation help you maximise the value of IoT for your business

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Explore the UbiBot ® IoT Platform

The UbiBot ® IoT platform is a one-stop solution for all your IoT needs. Manage all your devices from one location. Take advantage of advanced analytics & visualisation, dynamic alerts and secure data storage to maximise the benefits of IoT for your business.
Explore the UbiBot IoT Platform

How can the UbiBot ® IoT Platform unlock the value of your business?

Data management

Data Management

Manage all your IoT data in one location, extract clear insights and maximise its value. You always retain full control over your data.

Unlimited storage

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited cloud-based storage ensures you will never run out of space. This allows you to view all your historical data via the app or browser.

Open API

Open API

Our available RESTful API gives you full access to our platform, allowing you to build your own Apps to access your data securely.

Analysis and Visualisation

Analysis and Visualisation

Use powerful analysis and visualisation tools to get the most out of your data. Spot trends and make direct comparisons.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts

Our fully customisable alerts system will notify you by app notifications or emails as soon as any metrics cross the thresholds you set.

Highly Secure Platform

Highly Secure Platform

Our platform is designed to keep all your data secure so you never have to worry about hackers or other security breaches.

Real-time and history data

The UbiBot® Platform is a cloud-based IoT platform where all measured data are uploaded and stored. Via UbiBot App and web console, you can view the current data as well as historical data in graphs. Adjustable Y-axis scale allows you to view any tiny fluctuations in the curve.

Customisable alerts and bulk operation

Setting and receiving alerts of your devices help you get notified of the conditions in time. When you have many devices to manage, it’s time-consuming to set each alert rule one by one. So, we developed bulk operation module with which you can set the same rule for many devices at a time, saving you much more time and energy.

SIM card management

When using UbiBot Global SIM to transfer data, you can manage it by yourself. Unlike other SIM card with standard monthly fee and traffic amount, our SIM supports many types of plans. Choose the one that suits you now, and change to another next time. No extra charge after a few months of arrearage.

Free data export

On UbiBot platform, you can download the history data in CSV or PDF format. The CSV file only contains raw data, while the PDF file is a summarized report with average, maximum and minimum value within the chosen period. It’s much easier to read and archive.

Device sharing and bulk operation

Central control is available for business users because of no limit to device quantity in one account. And bulk operation applies to sensor settings, alert, and remote control routines. In the meanwhile, devices are allowed to share with others, which means distributed management by different colleagues.

Intelligent automation in UbiBot platform

UbiBot is committed to building intelligent industrial and home ecosystems. By integrating temperature and humidity sensor and smart plug in one system, automated operation is achieved through data linkage. For example, switch on the fans when temperature rises to 30 C.

Data forwarding

UbiBot is an open platform that provides cloud-based services while supporting customers to use their own storage servers. With the data forwarding service, you can forward the data collected by your device to your own private URL to protect privacy.

Location tracking and logging

UbiBot GS1-PL4G1RS is embedded with GNSS (Global navigation satellite system) for positioning. Through mobile data communication, real-time location information is transmitted to the platform and recorded. The UbiBot platform integrates this data and plots it into a trajectory map and presents it.

Works with IFTTT, Google Home, Alexa

Works with IFTTT, Google Home, and Alexa, UbiBot brings you smarter temperature monitoring and management experience. Tell Alexa to turn on the fans when temperature goes high instead of manual operation.

Platform-based calibration

UbiBot platform supports data calibration both on the platform level as well as the device level. One-step calibration, instant display, no impact on historical data.