UbiBot® On-Premises Platform

A privatized IoT platform which based on the UbiBot’s mature public IoT data platform. It supports enterprise intranet management with high performance, high stability and high scalability software system. The whole series of UbiBot hardware products can be privatized to access with UbiBot OPP. One-stop IoT solutions for information security-conscious enterprises.

Platform Features

The UbiBot OPP provides a consistent feature experience with the UbiBot public platform. Full platform coverage (APP/PC/Website), easy to use and manage, functional perfection. It supports local LAN deployment, local data storage and historical data review.

Autonomy Controllable

Autonomy Controllable

Build on intranet to meet information sercurity needs. User's data is 100% private and controllable.

Complete Isolation

Complete Isolation

An IoT platform under your private network environment. Device recordings storage is complete isolation.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Full framework delivery. Easy to build up and no additional support team request.

Open API

Open API

Enterprise level API interface is opened to customer and suports secondary development. You can customize and manage on your demand.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Professional technicians will help you deploy,debug and update the platform onsite or remotely.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Multiple tariff packages to meet different customer's needs.

Plans and Pricing

UbiBot offers you the flexibility to build all types of applications and deploy them anywhere you want-locally, on your own servers, on a private cloud. To purchase, please read the pre-sales notice.


$0 USD/ Year


$699 USD/ Year


$1299 USD/ Year


$2499 USD/ Year


$4999 USD/ Year
Available device/ account 10 devices/
1 account
100 devices/
5 accounts
200 devices/
20 accounts
500 devices/
50 accounts
1000 devices/
100 accounts
Real-time data view
Graphical view
Information management
Device and sensor setting
Calibration value setting
Web console
PC Tool
White-label Tools
Data import/ export
Alert rules setting
Group management
Virtual sensor management
Data mark-able
Email/ Platform/ Device alerts
Script Plugins (PHP)
Mobile App
Account authority management
Batch devices management
Batch alert rules setting
Batch control management
Data forwarding
Automation management
Advanced charting
Auto report creation and push
Customised data visualisation
Power analysis and statistics
HTTP integration alert
Automated data backup
Advanced data analysis
IoT SIM management
Firmware upgrade
Message/ Voice call alerts

UbiBot® Multi-platform Solution

Technical Features Public IoT Platform Privatized IoT Platform Developer Membership
Hardware UbiBot® device UbiBot® device Self-developed devices
Obtain device level access and operational rights
Hardware customization OEM available
Platform Public platform Customer specified privatization platform address Self-developed platform
Data storage Multi-device off-site backup, safe and reliable Privatized local storage 100% controllable Self-development required
Data forwarding Standard and above packages support Self-development required
Complete data forwarding to designated server
Intranet construction
Platform development difficulty

Easy,complete data forwarding and data management

Middle,provide video tutorials for quick start

Hard,software development skills are required

Platform secondary development Some free restful interfaces MySQL data source interface Self-developed interfaces as needed

Invite Partners

Become a partner and participate in the research and development of new products. Get samples of future new products, their APIs, and the SDK of the server for the first time.

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