Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Cotrollable Relays

Support 4-channel relay independent outputs, which can be remotely synchronized as a whole or independently controlled at a single point. Experience a contact capacity of 250V AC/10A or 30V DC/10A, and a service life up to 100,000 times to meet external load requirements and use scenarios.


Safety Interlock | Safety Control

The network relays support user-defined safety interlock groups. Any one relay in the group is open while the other relays are disconnected. The safety interlock effectively prevents external devices controlled by the relay from working simultaneously, thus avoiding potential dangers. It can be applied to the protection of fans, rolling shutters, and other motors in forward and reverse motion.


Freely Selectable Modbus Master/Slave Mode

Able to support RS485 serial communication, master/slave mode can be selected freely. The slave mode is for default, which can be queried or controlled by the RS485 host. After switching to the host mode, it can be connected with RS485 probes to expand the product functions and realize the integration of monitoring and control.


Input Wiring

Supports four switch inputs and can be connected to wireless or active switches.


Output Wiring

Supports normally open or normally closed operations. Various wiring methods can meet different output requirements.

① Low load wiring: Applicable when the non-resistive load current is less than 3A or resistive load is less than 5A.

Output-wiring Output-wiring-bottom

② AC 220V Load Wiring: External load is AC 220V .

Output-wiring2 Output-wiring-bottom

③ AC 380V (with null wire) Load Wiring: External load is AC 380V with null wire.


Multiple Network Connection Methods

UbiBot® Network Relay NR1 directly accesses the IoT big data platform through WiFi/4G* /RJ45 network cables*, which can be controlled in real-time on various IoT terminals such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. In addition, the status of the accessed devices should be able to be viewed at any time.


Technical Specifications


Contact Capacity: 250V AC/10A, 30V DC/10A

Durability: 100,000 times

Device Input: 4-way DI (optocoupler isolated)

Power Supply: DC 12V/2A

Communication: WiFi 2.4GHz(1-13channels)/4G*/RJ45*/RS485

Main Material: ABS

Dimension: 145*90*40mm

Working Environment: -20~60℃, 5~85%RH(no condensation)

Certification: CE, RoHS


Widely used in intelligent agriculture, animal husbandry, intelligent buildings, smart home intelligent factories, and other industries that require remove, real-time control, timing management, or automation control.


Intelligent Agriculture

The device can be triggered regularly or according to the environmental conditions for various irrigation equipment, sunshades, water pump, and other equipment.


Intelligent Factory

Able to support RS485 communication, the device can communicate with industrial control machines or PLC equipment to achieve offline control of industrial equipment.


Intelligent Building

Used in intelligent buildings, you can control the fresh air system, air conditioning, lighting, security gates, etc. This is accomplished either through the platform or APP at any time.


Livestock Breeding

Allows you to control large equipment, such as oxygenators, blowers, etc. This enables you to reduce manpower and enjoy the benefits of intelligent breeding.


Intelligent Parking

You can automatically control the vehicle in and out of the lift bar, rolling door, etc. While facilitating vehicle travel, it also reduces maintenance costs.


Access Control and Security

With infrared switch sensor, it can automatically link remote control of access control system, electric door or rolling shutter door to improve security.