Quick Start


The UbiBot IoT platform allows you to collect, store, analyse and visualise data collected from UbiBot sensor devices, as well as create rules related to that data. All these functions are accessible via our RESTful API over HTTP.


Name Description
account_key Unique key for each account. Used for all account-level authentication requests. It can be found on the web console panel-> Account->Security page.
token_id Temporary token used to authenticate API requests. Each token_id has an expiry time and can be generated using Generate Access Token API.
api_key Only used for channel and channel feed management operations. The api_key can be read only or read-write. It can be found on the web console panel->Data Warehouse->Selected Channel->API Keys page.

Platform API Endpoint


Supported Timezone List

The list of supported timezones can be found at

This will return a JSON file listing all timezones currently supported on the IoT platform. For more information on timezones see http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

API Access Limits and Restrictions

Actions Limits
Channel Feed Read Request – Up to 1 IP request per second
– Up to 1 feed requests per channel, per minute-Up to 60 feed requests per account, per minute
Chanel Feeds Import from CSV file File contains maximum 5,000 lines
Default token_id expiry time 15 minutes
Maximum number of rules for each channel 20
Trigger log items for each page 1000
Channel access log items for each page 3000
User messages for each page 1000
Maximum number of groups for each user account 50
Maximum number of pending commands for each channel 3000
Maximum channel feeds and file upload size 5MB