Temperature Calibration

The sensor chips that we integrated such as SHT30 (temperature & humidity) have been fully calibrated,  linearized and compensated for temperature and supply voltage dependencies by the chip factory. The SHT30 is a digital sensor that shows best performance when operated within recommended normal temperature and humidity range of 5 – 60 °C and 20 – 80 %RH, respectively. Long term exposure to conditions outside normal range, especially at high humidity, may temporarily offset the RH signal (e.g. +3%RH after 60h at >80%RH). After returning into the normal temperature and humidity range the sensor will slowly come back to calibration state by itself. Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may accelerate ageing.

The chip factory provides us with a period of 12 months warranty. However the chip was designed to meet the industry standard and is expected to have a long lifetime that over 3 years. We can’t suggest exactly when you need calibration as it will depend on the environment where you use the device. Our customers normally do yearly calibration just to make sure the whole system works as expected. Our platform does provide the interface for calibrating the displayed values which can be configured as follows:

  1. Please login to http://console.ubibot.com
  2. Go to the channel which you want to calibrate
  3. Select Settings, then Calibrate sensors from the sub-menu.
  4. Configure and you will see the calibrated reading instantly.

Please find attached datasheet for SHT30 sensor.
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