Generate Channel Write Key


This API call is used to generate a new write key for a channel or to reset the existing key. After calling this API, the previous write key will no longer be valid. Please note that this will cause your device to stop uploading data as the credentials will have changed.


Where CHANNEL_ID is the ID of the target channel and the parameters are as defined below.

HTTP Method


URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description
account_key or token_id String Required Specify the account_key from the user account or token_id obtained after login.


An HTTP code of 200 is responded for each successful data requests. The message body contains a JSON object containing the new write key for the specified channel.

Error: See the separate list of error codes for more details.



 result”: ”success”,
 ”server_time”: ”2017 - 09 - 04 T08: 59: 30 Z”,
 ”write_key”: ”9 b11Xxxx5XbacbXa0e8dd53″