API Response Format


An HTTP code of 200 is responded for each successful data requests. If there is any error exists, an HTTP code other than 200 will be given as well as platform Error Code and error description.


A valid request made using current credentials will return a 200 response. The body of the response will be a JSON file starting as follows:

 "result": "success",
 "server_time": "2017-10-09T08:48:34Z",


An invalid request or a request that cannot be authenticated will result in returning an error code (4XX or 5XX). The body of the response will give detailed information as in this example:

 "result": "error",
 "server_time": "2017-10-09T08:53:18Z",
 "errorCode": "permission_denied_force_log_off",
 "desp": "account_key, or token_id is not correct"

Every failed request will include an errorCode and desp field giving more details.

List of Error Codes

Error Code (errorCode) Description
permission_denied_force_log_off You supplied invalid credentials, or the account details changed recently
missing_data The request is missing required data
invalid_format The request data is not in the correct format
over_limit You have exceeded the system limits
error_method_invalid Request method is invalid
invalid_created_at The format of created_at field is invalid
invalid_json_format The input JSON string format is invalid
invalid_channel_id Invalid channel_id
invalid_api_key Invalid API Key
invalid_field_value The input field value is invalid
invalid_read_key Invalid read_key value
invalid_timezone Invalid timezone value
missing_field_data The request is missing field data
missing_field_data The request is missing field data
request_too_fast Too many simultaneous requests
low_balance The account balance is too low
field_length_over_limit The length of the field string is over the limit
group_name_exist The input group_name also exists in the platform
openid_not_binded Wechat account hasn’t been linked to the platform account.
account_require_verify Account is not activated yet
wrong_password Password is incorrect