UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool


If you are a user of RS485 soil probe or PT100 probe, and you have strict requirements for measurement accuracy, then you will need to use UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool with USB-RS485 Adapter  to periodically calibrate the probe to achieve the highest accuracy.

Download link: UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool.

Please see below for detailed instructions:

  1. Launch the UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool. 

Calibration Tool

  1. Connect the probe that needs to be calibrated to the computer through USB-RS485 Adapter, then the software will identify the probe type automatically.


  1. Click “Calibrate” to enter the calibration page.


  1. On the calibration page, select the item to be calibrated, such as “Temperature”, and fill in the observed value and the calibration value. It is suggested to fill in multiple sets of observed values to improve the accuracy of the calibration. Then click “Start”.


  1. Calibration will be done in a few seconds.