Many Customers’ Concerns: How to Monitor the Environment in Extremely Cold or Hot Conditions?

Extremely cold or hot weather always gets us crazy. It’s such a sudden strike that damaged our values over a night. How long will it take for you to notice the temperature change? Maybe it’s too late when you feel or notice the exact high temperature.


Therefore, many customers purchased our Wireless Smart Multi-Sensor Device–WS1. It will alerts you by email or the App notifications before any costly damage happens. The monitoring range of the device is -40 to 85 Celsius (-40 to 185 Fahrenheit) which covers most of the application cases, such as greenhouse, wine cellar, server room and warehouse.

However, you have to pay attention to the device operating conditions. The optimal operating conditions ranges from -20 to 60 Celsius (-4 to 140 Fahrenheit) with the well-performed batteries.

What about the conditions outside of this range? Don’t worry. We always put your concerns on the first place.

When you have to detect and monitor a condition where the temperature is extremely high or cold, we recommend you use the external probe DS18B20. It supports usage in temperature range of -55 to 125 Celsius (-57 to 257 Fahrenheit). NB, For the best performance, we suggest you use it under 100 Celsius.

We provide this sort of probe on the Amazon marketplace both in the UK and the USA. You can place an order by click the link below.

You may notice that our probe is customised for connecting with our WS1 device with a ready-to-use Micro USB connector. It is easy to use and well matched with our device.

Regarding to customers’ different requirements, we offer various lengths for you to choose. Just make sure the WS1 device can be isolated from the extreme cold or heat.

The last tip for you to use the WS1 device:

Select alkaline batteries instead of Carbon-Zinc batteries or rechargeable batteries. Stable battery performance ensures the best device performance.