Ready to Upgrade Your UbiBot? The WS1 Pro Will Be Ready Next Month!

After the release of the first generation of UbiBot — WS1, we knew that it would be welcomed in the data sensing marketplace. And the truth is, it is widely recognised by customers around the world.

It is our honor to provide a customer-satisfying product. The WS1 helps you to monitor the environments and sync data to the platform. It is in extra small size so you can carry it anywhere and put it in any place. It suits customers’ demand of using it in compact place or industrial cases. While, for many other customers who want to use the device at home, they need instant visualisation and sleek design.

We then develop the WS1 Pro.

The UbiBot® WS1 Pro is a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system that leverages the latest IoT capabilities. The clear 4.4” screen allows you to instantly see the latest readings and all the data is synced in real-time using the built in GPRS and WiFi. The embedded RS485 interface and external probes allow it to be used in the most extreme conditions and you can access your data anywhere in the world via our App or website.

The 4.4 inch screen allows you to quickly see the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), ambient light and humidity. Tell the humidity at a glance using the emoticons on screen.

Setting up the WS1 Pro takes just 3 minutes and it uses WiFi or GPRS to sync your data automatically. Our App allows you to access the data via your smartphone or you can access it from any browser.

The UbiBot® WS1 Pro is in the configuration and test stage. It will ship to customers all over the world next month once it is produced in bulk.

Please keep an eye on our Amazon store or our website get your new UbiBot device one step ahead.