Warehouse Temperature Monitoring: Not too Hot, Not too Cold, Get It Just Right!

Temperature matters… a lot! As the owner of a major storage facility, you know that warehouse temperature monitoring is essential. The optimal climatic conditions are not only critical when storing and transporting perishable products. Non-perishables also need the right temperature to maintain shelf life. Your stock of goods requires year-round protection from the many fluctuations in the climate. So regardless of how long you hold on to your inventory, you still need to account for your warehouse temperature. Accurate climate control will preserve your assets and profit margins.

However, it’s not only your inventory that’s at risk. The health and morale of your staff and their productivity are other issues to consider. Do you need a better handle on the temperature in your warehouse? Then keep reading for more info on how to maintain your warehouse’s temperature with minimum hassle.

The Tightrope between Temperature and Humidity

Temperature is just one side of the coin, as the humidity is another factor. Your warehouse has to walk the fine line between the ideal temperature and the right humidity level. It’s essential that both of these environmental conditions are managed to preserve your inventory.

What is the relationship between temperature and humidity? As the outdoor temperature rises, so does the humidity level and vice-versa. Excessive humidity can wreak havoc on the goods stored in your warehouse. Too much humidity can give you mould and mildew problems, as well as dust mites, which are all expensive to remove from your facility.

Temperature Levels and Productivity

We’ve talked a lot about warehouse inventory. But we also have to consider your valuable employees. In many countries, there are labour regulations that govern the conditions under which employees work. These include regulations on the minimum indoor temperature for your staff. This required base temperature is also dependent on their activity level.

However, maintaining the appropriate temperature is not only important from the standpoint of labour regulations. Productivity also suffers from the wrong climatic conditions. A low temperature generally results in low productivity, especially during the winter season. Employees also run the risk of getting ill, which means more sick days and less production. A very hot day indoors also distracts your staff from their duties. Morale can also fall when workers believe that management does not care for their needs. So, effective climate control is a good idea for all concerned.

Maintaining the Right Temperature

It’s clear that you need to have the right temperature in your warehouse. This is critical for your inventory, staff, operational efficiency, and cost savings. But this is easier said than done, as this is a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. You don’t want it too hot or too cold. You want the temperature to be just right!

When we are talking about a large space, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent temperature across all zones. This task requires an integrated wireless system that can read the existing temperatures and then respond with the appropriate levels of heating and cooling. We understand this need and there’s an innovative solution just for you!

Warehouse Temperature Monitoring 101

Industrial wireless sensors are able to measure and manage a range of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. You will also benefit from real-time info from the sensors, and get a better understanding about how different areas of your space function. This data can be collected over time and used to guide decisions about the operation of your warehouse.

These systems also come with built-in data analysis tools. When combined with cloud technologies, then it means you can access your warehouse data anywhere, anytime and from any device. You can even monitor multiple warehouses – all at the same time. The implementation of a wireless monitoring system also means time and cost savings for businesses similar to your own.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

UbiBot provides a wireless temperature monitoring system to suit a variety of spaces – like your warehouse. This system features wireless smart sensors in both the base and pro versions that are industrial-grade. Each sensor monitors and manages internal and external temperatures, humidity, vibration, and ambient light. The pro sensor also has a clear LCD screen to give you readings from each device.  But, you don’t need to look at each sensor to get the readings. The UbiBot® IoT interface syncs each remote thermometer sensor using Wi-Fi. So, there’s no need for a costly, separate hub to access your data. It’s totally up to you to choose what info you want to access and when.

IFTTT Feature

This innovative wireless temperature monitoring system incorporates the IFTTT (if this then that) feature. This ensures that regardless of the possible scenarios that could arise in your warehouse, you have an endless array of events. These interactive responses are activated automatically so you won’t need to do any manual adjustments.

The UbiBot App
Are you worried about the safety of your data? There’s no need. The virtual guardian monitors the sensors in your warehouse and generates alerts. But you can schedule when you receive any alerts and how you receive them (within the app, email or SMS notifications). Even if you lose internet connectivity, your sensors will still record offline, so you’ll never lose a step!

You can also share your data and alerts with members of your team. It’s possible to customize who sees what data. You can also monitor how each employee uses the info gathered by the wireless temperature monitoring system. So you will be able to reap the benefits of a perfectly controlled climate in your warehouse, hassle-free!

The Temperature Solution for Your Warehouse Needs

Your daily operations, personnel, and inventory are vital elements for the success of your warehouse. The UbiBot smart sensors are perfect for your facility regardless of its size and requirements. We invite you to get the best in class for your warehouse temperature monitoring needs.  So you can forget about extreme heat or cold. Choose to go directly for the temperature that’s just right for you and your warehouse!