Temperature Monitoring for the Best Agricultural Output

Food security is a global and national concern, which means that the horticulture and livestock industries must be supported to yield the best returns. However, the temperature plays an important role in how well these industries perform. Agricultural businesses in temperate zones tend to rely on greenhouses to produce year-round. But greenhouses require that the right climatic conditions are maintained. Animals are susceptible to extreme heat or cold even when they are indoors. The right temperature will lower the risk of illnesses and deaths in the herds. So temperature monitoring is a necessity for success in both areas.

Maintaining the appropriate temperatures means that greater yields are likely. This, in turn, boosts your revenue flow. Implementing a low-cost but effective temperature monitoring system will improve your profit margins. Are you interested in learning how to make climate control a breeze for your firm? Keep reading as we share the best technology in stress-free, comprehensive temperature control.

Maintaining the Right Temperature to Make Your Plants Thrive

The international horticulture market is expected to value USD$41.85 billion by 2025. This growth is fuelled by the rising demand for healthy food via innovative agricultural methods. Along with advanced irrigation systems and nutrients, the proper climate is essential.

Horticultural climate control requires the close management of many complex processes in your greenhouses to provide the best environment for your plants. While it is a given that you have extensive knowledge of your crops, your reliance on manual controls is not only exhausting but also prone to error.

A wireless temperature monitoring system allows you to precisely measure and set the right climatic conditions for increased yields. The collected data also give greater insights into your production processes. You can analyse the best growth conditions across seasons and also use the historical data as a baseline for your future climate control procedures. Your company will experience efficiency gains, as fewer resources are wasted in production. You’ll also remove the trial-and-error dimension to your operations. Greater precision in the environmental conditions will lead to your increased and higher-quality output.

Keep Your Livestock Happy and Healthy

Livestock accounts for 40% of the global value of agriculture output and provides financial support for approximately 1.3 billion people. But, maintaining the wellbeing of your animal stock in adverse climates can be quite difficult. While some animals may grow thicker coats in winter and shed during the warmer months, this still doesn’t mean that they do well with continued exposure to extreme weather.

There are several climatic factors to consider in animal husbandry. The general climate must be sufficient to maintain constant temperatures for the animals. Another factor is humidity, which makes it harder for animals to naturally cool. Excess humidity also encourages fungal infections and the decay of animal shelters. The free flow of air around your livestock will also help with both climate and odour control. However, all of these factors can be easily managed with a temperature monitoring system.

Temperature Management

Whether it’s a greenhouse, animal shelter, or both, temperature monitoring is vital. These structures all tend to have a large square footage, so maintaining one constant temperature across all areas can be difficult. However, an integrated wireless system will read the existing temperatures and create the right climatic conditions. Let’s talk about an interesting and high-quality solution designed with your business in mind!

The Fundamentals of Temperature Monitoring

We now have the latest industrial wireless sensors that can monitor and respond to varying temperatures, levels of humidity and pressure. You will have free access to real-time data from these sensors, which will give you new insights into different areas of your facility. The archived data can also be analysed and applied to manage your daily operations.

These built-in analytical tools also combine with the latest cloud technologies. This allows you to access data on every sensor in your facility at any time and on any device. It’s also possible to keep track of multiple locations simultaneously. This monitoring system will give you the time and cost savings that you need.

The Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Your Agricultural Operations

UbiBot is an innovative wireless temperature monitoring system designed to fulfil the climatic requirements of a number of spaces. The base and pro versions of this system feature industrial-grade smart sensors. These sensors record and manage the various temperatures, humidity levels, vibrations, and light distribution. With the pro sensor, you get an LCD screen that displays the readings from each device. However the UbiBot® IoT interface syncs each remote thermometer sensor using your Internet connectivity. So, there’s no need to keep track of each sensor, and there’s no separate, expensive hub to navigate for access. You get to choose what data to access when and wherever you desire!

An Infinite Array of Interactive Responses

UbiBot includes the IFTTT (if this then that) protocol in its wireless temperature monitoring system. So you don’t have to worry that this system will not work for your facility. Whatever the scenarios that may occur; this system has a wide range of responses to realign back to your optimal climatic conditions. These responses are all automatic, so you can simply relax and let UbiBot do all the heavy lifting!

The Benefits of the UbiBot App

It’s understandable that you may be concerned about the safety of your data. But, the UbiBot app is secure. The virtual guardian option manages all your sensors and relevant alerts. You also have the power to determine how often you receive these alerts and in what format (within the app, email, or SMS).  What happens if you lose your Wi-Fi connection? Nothing at all! Your sensors will continue to work even when they go offline.

Sharing your data and alerts is quite easy. You can decide which members of your team see what data about your operations. Even after giving your team members access, you can still monitor how they use the data collected by the wireless temperature monitoring system. All the features of the UbiBot system and app are designed to help you easily control the climatic conditions in your facilities.

Get Perfect Climate Control for Your Plants and Animals

Your horticulture and livestock deserve the best in climate control. The UbiBot temperature monitoring system utilizes smart sensors to read temperatures in your facility and maintain the right conditions. No more worries with extreme weather! Your plants and animals will be grateful for the consistency and give you great returns. So, give UbiBot a try today!