The Finest Wine: Best Temperature Monitoring System for Wine Storage

Wines can be a very expensive acquisition – especially if they require aging for best results. Therefore it’s important to preserve their quality while they are in storage. One of the biggest culprits that can wreak havoc with your wine storage is the wrong temperature. The temperature has to be just right to maintain the inherent qualities of your wines. Keep reading as we share some of the important tips to consider in wine storage. We’ll also explore the best solution on the market to give you perfect temperature monitoring in your wine cellar.

Important Tips for Successful Wine Storage

Avoid Heat

If the temperature in your wine storage area goes above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then it will age your wines too fast.  When that happens, all the aromas and flavours will go flat. The best temperature for wines lies between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be Careful With Fridges and Freezers

While you want to avoid the heat, you also don’t want it to be too cold. You can safely store your wines in a household fridge for a few months, but it’s not suitable for long-term storage. This is because the temperature in your fridge is likely to fall below the recommended range. A cold climate will dry out the corks, allow air into the wine and damage it. You also don’t want to freeze your wine bottles, since the freezing of the liquid generates enough pressure to push out the corks.

Constant Temperature

Ideally, you can aim to maintain an optimal temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, your bottles will keep expanding and contracting with the fluctuating temperature levels. So for the best results, consistency is vital!

No Lights!

Do you want great tasting wine? Then you need to store your bottles in a dark, cool area. This is because the sun’s UV rays may damage the wine’s properties and age it too rapidly. While the regular household light bulbs may not be strong enough to damage your wine, they can still fade the labels. If you need some light in your wine cellar, incandescent bulbs that emit low UV light may be more ideal.

Maintain the Correct Position

It’s best to keep your bottles lying on their sides for long-term storage. This ensures that the wine keeps the cork from drying out. However, if you intend to consume your wine soon, or if the bottles are sealed with screwcaps, glass or plastic corks, then store them upright. But, stacking your bottles horizontally saves on valuable space. You also don’t want to shake your bottles, as that could disrupt the gentle aging process.

Manage Humidity

An arid atmosphere can dry out the corks, let air into the bottles and spoil the wine. On the other hand, too much damp can present as a mold problem, which damages the labels and defaces your bottles. Ideally, you want to keep your relative humidity levels between 50 and 80 percent for best results.

Temperature Management for Your Wine Cellar

Temperature management is essential for the longevity of your wines. We also recognize that maintaining a constant temperature can be difficult. However, an integrated wireless system can both register the current temperature and regulate the same in real-time.

These innovative wireless sensors are unique, as they can manage a variety of temperatures, humidity levels, and pressure conditions. You will also have on-demand access to data from these sensors, which will let you know the details of your wine cellar’s environment.

This system also features built-in analytical tools powered by the best cloud technologies. You can access the data from the sensors when you want and from any device. Do you have many wine cellars? Then you can manage multiple locations simultaneously with this integrated wireless system.

Let’s explore the latest innovation in temperature control:

UbiBot: The Best Wireless Temperature Management System for Your Wine Storage

UbiBot is the best wireless temperature monitoring system that will help you keep your wines in stellar condition. You can choose from either the base or pro versions, and both versions consist of industrial-grade smart sensors. Each sensor records and manages the temperature, humidity, vibrations, and light distribution in your wine cellar. With the pro sensor, you will also have an LCD screen that shows the readings from each device. But, you don’t need to get manual readings, as the UbiBot® IoT interface syncs each of these remote thermometer sensors via Wi-Fi connectivity. So, there’s no need to track each sensor or use an expensive hub to get access to your data. Simply access your wine cellar’s data whenever and wherever you choose!

An Endless Range of Interactive Responses

UbiBot’s wireless temperature management system uses the IFTTT (if this then that) protocol. This means that regardless of the temperature conditions that may occur, this system has a diverse array of responses to get your wine cellar back to its optimal environment. The great news is that these are automatic responses, so you can simply relax and let UbiBot do all the work!

Explore the Advantages of the UbiBot App

The UbiBot app is designed to protect the privacy of the data that’s collected about your wine cellar. The virtual guardian feature manages all your sensors and their alerts. You will also be able to determine the frequency of these alerts or notifications, and how you receive them (in the app, email, or SMS). Worried about losing your Wi-Fi connection? No problem! Your sensors will still work even offline.

You can also share your data and alerts with others. Simply decide who gets to see what data about the climatic conditions in your wine cellar. But even after granting them access to your system, you can still manage their use of your facility’s data. Everything about the UbiBot app is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Get the Best in Temperature Monitoring for Your Wine Cellar

Your wines deserve the very best in temperature management. The UbiBot system uses the most innovative sensors to maintain the optimal temperature in your wine cellar. So get UbiBot and enjoy peace of mind and the best vintage ever!