Temperature Monitoring for Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is a historical industry, as livestock has been used as a store of value. It is also one of the main pillars of global food security. The rising international demand for animal-based foods has increased livestock production. Although most of this demand is met by large commercial operations, there are also small-scale livestock owners that serve this market. Animal husbandry accounts for 40 percent of the global value of the agriculture sector. This industry also provides a livelihood for about 1.3 billion people.

Temperature monitoring is very important for livestock production. Animals are quite vulnerable to weather extremes even when they are housed in structures. Maintaining the correct climatic conditions will decrease the probability of ill-health and mortality in your herds. This will ensure greater yields, increased revenue flows, and better profitability of your business. By adopting a cost-effective temperature monitoring system, you will further boost your profits. We invite you to keep reading as we share more about the best innovation in temperature control that will make your daily operations so much easier!

Temperature Considerations for Livestock

The temperature and other environmental factors are essential for the wellbeing of your livestock. Regardless of the climate zones (temperate or tropical), animals are often exposed to extreme weather fluctuations. Some animals may grow thicker coats to deal with cold weather and then shed in warmer months. However, all livestock tend to experience adverse symptoms whenever they are continuously exposed to bad weather conditions.

From your experience, you know that it’s important to consider several climate factors so that you can be successful in animal husbandry.  The overall climate needs to be suitable to maintain the necessary environmental conditions for your chosen livestock. Humidity is another consideration that is not often discussed. This condition may hamper your animals’ ability to naturally cool. Excessive humidity levels can also lead to numerous infections among your herd, as well as the deterioration of their shelters. It is best to have a free flow of air around your animals to maintain their health and control any negative side-effects, such as odour. There are many things that you will need to keep in sync for the best results in your husbandry business. But, not to worry! All of these requirements can be easily handled by a comprehensive temperature management system.

Temperature Control for Your Husbandry Operations

Your livestock will likely have shelters that cover large square footage and need constant temperature control. This can be a difficult goal to accomplish, but it is possible with an integrated wireless monitoring system. This system can record and manage a variety of temperatures, humidity, and pressure levels. Let’s explore more details about an innovative solution for temperature management.

Temperature Monitoring Basics

These latest industrial smart sensors can regulate a wide range of environmental conditions. These systems also have platforms that are embedded with the latest cloud technologies. This helps you to have instant access to your facility’s data, from any device and at any time. You will also be able to monitor more than one facility at the same time. The data collected from these sensors can be analysed and used to guide your business’ processes.

UbiBot: The Innovative Wireless Temperature Management System

UbiBot is a unique high-quality temperature management system that is perfect to regulate the climate conditions in your animal shelters. This system features industrial-grade smart devices in the base and pro versions. Each device records and regulates a variety of temperatures, levels of humidity, as well as light and vibrations. In the case of the pro device, you also get a LCD screen that shows the readings recorded by each sensor. However, the UbiBot® IoT interface syncs data via any Wi-Fi connection or SIM card. Therefore, you won’t need to rely on manual readings, nor will you need a separate, costly hub for access. You can access your data at any time, anywhere.

A Wide Range of Automatic Responses

The UbiBot app features the interactive IFTTT (if this then that) protocol. So, regardless of the temperature fluctuations, UbiBot has an infinite set of possible responses to address that scenario. The best thing is that this is an automatic adjustment process, so you don’t need to do anything at all to get back to the ideal temperature settings for your facility. This means that you have one less thing to worry about!

The Upsides of the UbiBot Platform

The UbiBot app is built with your requirements for data privacy and security in mind. The virtual guardian feature manages all your devices and the accompanying notifications. You can choose how frequently you get these notifications. You can also choose whether you receive these alerts within the app, in your email inbox, or via SMS. Although UbiBot syncs via Internet connectivity, it is not completely dependent on that connection. Even when your smart sensors go offline, there is no need to worry! The UbiBot devices will keep working, even when you lose Wi-Fi coverage.

It’s also easy for you to share the data collected by the UbiBot smart devices. You can also set up which staff member to receive the alerts via email. But, you don’t have to fear giving up control of this data. The team members only have access to the device conditions but have no permissions to operate on them. The UbiBot wireless temperature monitoring system is perfect to help you easily manage all the climate requirements without any costly damage.

The Best Temperature Control for Your Livestock

Your animals are the core of your business, so you want to do all that you can to maximize the return on your investment. The UbiBot temperature management system features highly efficient smart devices that will help you to easily maintain the best environmental conditions for your livestock. So, you can stop fearing extreme weather! Simply get the UbiBot app and keep your stock healthy and happy all year long. Contact us today to get started!