Comfort in the Golden Years: Temperature Control in Retirement Homes

Comfort is all one needs in the golden years. However, each year we read the sad reports of the elderly succumbing to extreme weather conditions. Last year, nearly 700 deaths occurred from the UK’s heatwave, and many were older people diagnosed with heart and kidney illnesses. This statistic does not account for many elderly who have reported to health facilities for treatment from heatstroke. Seasons of extreme cold are also problematic. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the 2017/2018 winter season saw an increase of over 50,000 deaths in England and Wales. In this case, women and people aged 85 years and older were most likely to have succumbed to the extreme cold. But, this is not a problem only in the UK. Countries such as the USA and Australia have also reported a high incidence of mortality among the elderly due to extreme weather.

As we age with or without medical ailments, the atmospheric conditions must be ideal for the quality of life. Retirement homes are intended to be safe spaces for the elderly to live in a supportive community. However, temperature control is an important consideration in the safety and wellbeing of persons in such care facilities. We’ll explore the increasing need for retirement homes. Most importantly, we will show you how an innovative temperature control system can be the answer to maintaining the comfort necessary for the golden years.

The Future of Retirement Homes

In countries such as Japan, Canada, France, and Germany, the elderly population is becoming the dominant share of the national population. The average life expectancy in developed countries lies between 75 and 80 years, and it is expected to reach 85 years by 2040. Similarly, the number of global citizens aged 80 and above is expected to increase 56 percent to 192 million by 2030 (or roughly 2.3 percent of the global population). This means an increase in the demand for residential care facilities worldwide.

There are three types of retirement care facilities:

Independent Living Facilities

These facilities allow seniors to choose their lifestyle in age-appropriate multi-family apartments. Seniors in these homes enjoy relatively good health and get help with routine housework.

Assisted Living Facilities

Some elderly may not require full-time supervision but may be unable to live in their own homes. However, they still enjoy some sense of autonomy while accessing support for their medical care and social needs.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

These facilities are generally characterised by long-stay residents who are 85 years and older. However, there may be some short-stay residents who require rehabilitation after leaving the hospital.

Regardless of the category that your facility fits in, efficient temperature control is still required.

Temperature Requirements for Retirement Homes

The degree of regulatory oversight increases from independent living to skilled nursing facilities. One of the environmental standards of care homes in the UK requires central heating of rooms and also the provision of natural ventilation. Many other countries also have regulations governing the state of care in retirement homes.

Retirement homes are large spaces that need comprehensive temperature control. So it’s necessary to have industrial wireless sensors that can measure and regulate environmental conditions. These sensors will provide data which will allow you to understand how all areas of your facility work.

These temperature monitoring systems utilise cloud technologies, so you can access your facility’s information at any time and from any access point. You can also customize the temperature setting in each resident’s apartment and all areas of your building. It’s also possible to monitor many facilities simultaneously. Therefore, implementing a wireless monitoring system will result in valuable time and cost savings.

Introducing UbiBot: The Innovative Temperature Monitoring Solution

UbiBot allows you to easily monitor every area of your retirement facility. This system consists of wireless smart sensors that are industrial-grade. In both the base and pro versions, each sensor manages your facility’s inner and outer temperatures, humidity, vibration, and ambient light. The pro sensor also features a clear LCD screen that displays the current readings. However, you don’t have to get the readings from each sensor. The UbiBot® IoT interface synchronizes each remote thermometer sensor via Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, you won’t need a separate, expensive hub to access your data. So, you can decide what info you want to access and at what time.

The IFTTT Feature

The UbiBot app incorporates the comprehensive IFTTT (if this then that) protocol. This feature ensures that if any climate scenario occurs in your retirement facility, then there’s an array of solutions that can be used to adjust the temperature. These interactive responses are activated automatically, so you won’t have to do any manual adjustments.

The UbiBot App: Data Privacy and Security

You don’t have to be concerned about the privacy and security of your data. Why? The UbiBot app features the virtual guardian, which manages the sensors in your facility’s building and sends you alerts. You can choose how often you get those alerts and where you get them (within the app, email, or SMS notifications).  Your sensors will still work even when you lose your Wi-Fi connection. So, you’ll never miss a beat!

You also have the option to share the information about your facility with members of your staff. It’s possible to determine who sees what kind of data. Plus, you will be able to monitor how each person uses the data from your UbiBot wireless interface. Get this temperature monitoring solution today and keep your residents comfortable all year long!

Perfect Temperature Monitoring For Retirement Homes

The elderly residents in your retirement home must remain healthy and comfortable in their golden years. The UbiBot system is the solution you need to keep a constant, safe temperature throughout your facility. This is the most innovative temperature monitoring system on the market. Get your retirement home connected to the UbiBot system today. Perfect temperature monitoring will be one less thing for you to worry about. Contact us right away!