In This IoT Age, People Use Wi-Fi Powered Sensor to Monitor the Temperature and Humidity

The technological revolution that happened over the last two decades affected all spheres of our existence, immensely simplifying our everyday life. The advancements in tech spread throughout all industries, and the Internet of Things, as well as the digitalization of everyday tasks, had a big influence on this as well.

We live in the era of the internet, and many painstakingly bothersome chores are now done remotely, instead of manually. Overall, the best thing about the growth of IoT, the internet, and advanced technology is that they made many of our everyday tasks much more affordable and time-efficient.

What Is IoT?

IoT, in plain words, is a system that allows sensors and devices to communicate and exchange data on the cloud through an active internet connection. Despite the somewhat complex nature, the idea behind IoT is quite simple and it has revolutionized many industries since it initially appeared. Following its humble beginnings back in the 1990s, the Internet of Things has found its way into many devices. In 2013, the number of connected devices by IoT was estimated at approximately 9 billion and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. Essentially, IoT provides a connection that goes way beyond what smartphones or the internet can provide to us.

Today, among other things, real-life applications of IoT can be seen in things such as smart homes and smart cities, retail, agriculture, healthcare, poultry, and farming.

Another one of its many great uses is linked to remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in enclosed environments. The smart system based on IoT can be used in homes and in all sorts of businesses that require such monitoring. That includes warehouses, server rooms, retirement homes, wine cellars, food storage facilities, etc. Since they were introduced on the market, the need for remote monitoring sensors is on the rise.

IoT in Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems are helping entire industries, and the main reason behind their creation is precisely the IoT. Thanks to this, people can now remotely monitor their homes or businesses by installing a sensor system that will collect valuable data and store it on a cloud with the help of a simple internet connection. Since IoT allows sensors to communicate data and store it on a cloud, it was the perfect outcome that ultimately revolutionized many industries by providing a feasible solution on the market. That would not have been possible without the technological improvement we see today that has completely replaced manual work in certain aspects of running a business.

Depending on the manufacturer, these devices can operate in different ways. Some of the older remote monitoring sensors use outdated means of communication to share this data with the users, such as Bluetooth. The more modern solutions, however, use the help of a Wi-Fi connection, which is much easier to use and a much more efficient solution.

Introducing UbiBot – Wi-Fi Powered Wireless Temperature Monitoring Sensors

UbiBot’s devices enable remote monitoring of the temperature and humidity, covering different types of facilities – large or small – as well as houses. These devices have found their way into many homes and companies, and they are used for many purposes, such as in agriculture, horticulture, cold chains, wine cellars, pharmaceuticals, server rooms, homes, etc.

The brand prides itself on the advanced technology used in these temperature monitoring devices and its excellent features that can fit all of the users’ needs.

Apart from temperature and humidity, UbiBot sensors capture other environmental parameters such as the air or the ambient light in the room. Depending on what you need them for, they range from more basic solutions to advanced industrial-grade sensors resistant to water and dust. Still, all of the devices from UbiBot come with many valuable features that will make manual temperature monitoring a thing of the past.

Feature-Rich Devices for 24/7 Monitoring

All of UbiBot’s devices come with mutual features. For starters, they facilitate monitoring of several different environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, ambient light, etc. Except for the devices’ internal sensors, they also provide external probes for use in extreme environments, such as cold room, high humid greenhouse, etc. They also enable alerts in case there are changes in the facility that need to be addressed. The remote monitoring devices provide around the clock monitoring, and they synchronize data on the cloud in real-time, allowing you to keep an eye on everything that is happening in the room/facility while you are away. All of this is possible through a single click on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Wi-Fi Powered for Easy use

Unlike some other similar devices on the market that use somewhat outdated technologies, UbiBot bases all of its products on an active internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or, in some cases, it uses the help of an Ethernet cable. That means the wireless monitoring systems can connect to the network using Wi-Fi, and then they automatically synchronize all information on the UbiBot IoT Platform. To reach this data, you, too, should obtain the app either by downloading it on your smartphone or accessing it on your computer via a web browser.

Compatible with IFTTT

Finally, as one of the best aspects of these devices, UbiBot works with IFTTT (if this then that), which allows your smart devices to ‘talk’ to each other. That way, you can take real-time control over the things that are happening in the facility through a single click, no matter where you are.

Stay In Touch With Technology and Get UbiBot Today

It’s only a matter of time until we see the next big thing in technology. For now, the IoT is doing an incredible work of connecting devices in ways that were once unimaginable. UbiBot recognizes the need for change and improvement in many industries, which is why we came up with a feasible and convenient idea that might make your life easier. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and get UbiBot for your home or business today!