Intelligent Thermometer for the Server Room with High Temperature

Server rooms are crucial for the wellbeing of many businesses since they store valuable and sensitive data as well as important applications. However, data processing requires a lot of energy making these rooms warm to the point that this can be damaging to all of the stored information in there. The servers can get extremely hot and overheat slowing down the entire work, and leading to massive losses of information that might never be restored. Some server rooms use an air conditioner to regulate the temperature and prevent the machines from overheating. Windows and airflow can also help. Sill, sometimes, this is not enough.

Left unattended, server rooms can cause data loss, which can lead to the damaging or destruction of a business, or even harm entire industries.

The ideal temperature in a regular server room should be kept between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 and 27 degrees Celsius. Anything less or more than this can inflict costly damage. With that being said, one of your main responsibilities should be to keep the server room at the ideal temperature to avoid further problems and possible issues with the hardware.

In this day and age, keeping the temperature and humidity of a server room does not require so much manual work. That means you don’t have to think about how many air conditioners to keep in the room nor about adjusting their temperature day and night. Instead, you can use a remote temperature monitoring sensor that will do the job for you, and alert you when something is slightly off so that you can quickly react before the damage is done. In a way, this device is like an intelligent thermometer that will keep everything under control in one of the most important rooms for your business – the server room.

What Is A Remote Temperature Monitoring Sensor?

The technological advancement over the last few years has produced many feasible solutions that have made our lives much easier, and the remote temperature monitoring sensor is one of them. It’s a device that works based on your commands after you set up the wanted metrics. With the implementation of the Internet of Things, the device can keep an eye on the room 24/7, and communicate every change in the environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and ambient light. Each of these parameters has its role to play in the wellbeing of the facility, and any significant variation from this might suggest that something’s wrong.

The way this device communicates is through an active internet connection in most cases, although it can also be through an Ethernet cable or even Bluetooth. Through Wi-Fi, the sensors that pick every change in the facility can synchronize the data on a cloud for easy access to the users.

The wireless sensors are packed with a lot of features that will make the entire experience much more peaceful. That also made them excellent not only for server rooms, but also for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Introducing UbiBot – Wi-Fi and Ethernet Cable Powered Temperature Monitoring Sensor

If you want to protect your server room from overheating, you need an advanced solution that will provide maximum performance, such as the UbiBot remote temperature monitoring sensor.

UbiBot is a brand that produces feasible solutions that monitor and control the environmental parameters and alert whenever there is a change that needs to be addressed. These sensors work with the help of IoT, and they use Wi-Fi for around the clock synchronizing of data on the cloud. That way, you will be able to take a sneak peek in the server room to see if everything is under control, even if you are not there personally.

Through a single click on your phone, computer, or tablet, you will see the temperature rate, as well as the room humidity and other parameters that the sensors uniformly monitor. The data you receive is accurate and precise, and the moment something changes, you will be notified. Users also get alerts when the network fails, although the device will keep collecting and storing data. To make the responsibility of keeping an eye on the server room easier, the alerts can be shared with other people, colleagues, or staff members.

All of UbiBot’s devices can be used with IFTTT (if this then that), which means you can communicate with the devices in the server room no matter where you are, once you sign up to IFTTT.

UbiBot has several available models, and each of them fit with specific features that make them suitable for different environments. Your server room will be best off with the UbiBot GS1-AETH1RS.

The GS1-AETH1RS type has RJ45 port, which can be used to connect it to a network that uses an Ethernet cable, which makes it very suitable for server rooms. And, to provide constant power supply, you can also use a POE splitter to connect the device with the Ethernet cable, which is suitable server room. It also supports wifi connection as a backup. You are allowed to customise the network connection order in the app, either choose wifi as primary or Ethernet cable.

The GS1-AETH1RS can provide you a more advanced experience by supporting multiple external probes. The embedded RS485 interface supports external temperature & humidity probe, soil sensor, PT100 platinum resistor probe, etc. All the external probe readings can be viewed on the LCD screen. You only need to press the menu button once, the readings will switch from internal readings to external readings automatically.

Regardless of the server’s room capacity and size, both temperature monitoring sensors can fit nicely, not only in this but in any enclosed environment.

Protect Sensitive and Valuable Data With UbiBot Wireless Sensors

Remote temperature monitoring sensors are now being used in agriculture, pharmaceutics, horticulture, cold chains, wine cellars, retirement homes, etc. They are changing entire industries with their convenience and effective methods of monitoring indoor and outdoor environmental changes. UbiBot temperature monitoring sensors will give you peace of mind no matter what kind of business you are running. So make sure to get yours today!