Keeping Babies Warm: Temperature Monitoring in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are the arenas for the survival of the tiniest, most fragile beings – premature babies. Globally, about 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely, 80 percent of which are unexpected. Therefore, hospitals must be equipped to help these little ones to survive. A big part of a premature infant’s survival is a constant temperature to help the rest of their growth outside of the ideal conditions in the womb.

But it’s not only NICUs that we are concerned about. The hospital wards for newborns also need to maintain the right temperatures for these young babies. Studies show that extreme heat or cold can adversely affect babies’ birth weights. We’ll discuss the importance of temperature control for the best infant care and their optimal development. We will also explore how an innovative temperature management system can provide the ideal conditions for newborns in hospitals.

Temperature Monitoring for Premature and Full-Term Infants

Premature Infant Care

This is one of the core operations of any major hospital. Approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely around the world. Plus the medical expenses of caring for these infants are almost fourteen times the cost of full-term delivery. The first few weeks of a premature infant’s life requires close monitoring in a NICU.

The average NICU contains a lot of equipment which is used every day to care for premature babies. All those pieces of equipment can generate significant heat, so temperature monitoring of the space is essential. The recommended temperature for a NICU lies within the range of 22 and 26 degrees Celsius (or 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit). The humidity level should also be between 30 and 60 percent to prevent infants from losing heat when they are outside of their usual heated cribs. Since temperature and humidity vary throughout the year, then climate management is needed to maintain the optimal NICU environment.

Full-Term Infant Care

Even though it costs relatively less to take care of a full-term baby, there are no fewer climate requirements. Newborns still need the ideal temperature and humidity levels to be maintained. There may also be complications that need special climatic conditions to aid in recovery.

Caring for Babies at Home

Temperature control is not only a priority for hospitals. Once a baby comes home, it’s still important to maintain a comfortable temperature. Regardless of whether we are talking about premature or full-term babies, all infants tend to lose heat fairly quickly. Therefore it’s essential to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for their comfort and general health.

Maintaining the Right Temperature for Babies

Babies are quite delicate and they need a lot of care. This also means maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels. Whether it’s temperature control for an entire NICU, maternity ward, or a home, it can be hard to maintain constant climatic conditions. However, this is all possible with an integrated wireless temperature management system that records and regulates climatic conditions.

Such a system contains special wireless sensors that can manage a variety of temperatures, humidity, and pressure levels. Once installed, the system provides on-demand access to all data collected by these smart sensors. This collected data can be analysed to provide insights into how a space functions and the ideal temperature settings.

This climate management system is embedded with analytical tools that are supported by innovative cloud technologies. So, it’s possible to access your space’s data on any device of your choice and at any time. Even with multiple facilities or locations, it’s still possible to manage them simultaneously with this innovative temperature monitoring system: the UbiBot.

The Best Temperature Monitoring System: UbiBot

The UbiBot system is the best among the set of wireless monitoring applications, and it consists of the base and pro versions. All of these systems feature durable smart sensors that can easily manage variations in all climatic conditions. The pro sensor also has an LCD screen which allows for manual readings from each device. However, manual readings aren’t necessary as the UbiBot® IoT interface syncs each remote thermometer sensor via Wi-Fi connectivity. So, there’s no need for an expensive, separate hub. You can also access all the readings from one or more locations with no hassles!

The IFTTT Protocol

The IFTTT (if this then that) protocol is a powerful component in the UbiBot system. So, regardless of the temperature changes that may occur, the system generates an array of possible responses to regulate the conditions back to their ideal levels. UbiBot will automatically execute all adjustments seamlessly. So you can relax!

Advantages of the UbiBot Application

Whether it’s a hospital unit or a residential home, UbiBot is the best at securing the data from your facilities. The high-quality virtual guardian feature allows for easy management of all sensors and alerts. As a manager or a homeowner, you determine the frequency and avenues through which you receive notifications from our system. You can choose to be notified within the app, via email, or SMS. Even if the Wi-Fi connection drops, we will never drop our duties to you! Our sensors will continue to work even our system goes offline.

You can also decide how and what to share with work colleagues or family members and friends. You would simply select which person has access to which data and you can also monitor how the data is used. The UbiBot system is designed to allow you to easily monitor and maintain the ideal climate conditions throughout each of your locations.

The Perfect Temperature Control to Keep Babies Warm and Happy!

We have established that both premature and full-term babies have a lot of needs that must be addressed for their development and wellbeing. Climate control is just one of these many requirements. So get the UbiBot system for your hospital or even for your home. Enjoy perfect temperature control and keep babies happy and comfortable all year long. Contact us today to find out more details!