Knowing the Temperature Changes in Hatching Incubator Wirelessly by Using Ubibot Sensors

If you are a bird breeder, chances are you have to deal with the fact that sudden power failures happen.

As such, what damage can be expected if the incubator would go off during the entire process?

Temperature zones can have major effects on the developing embryo.

At 40.5 C you have a zone of heat injury, at 35 C you have a zone of hatching potential, at 27 C you have a zone of suspended development and at -2 C you have a zone of cold injury.

This leads us to believe that the temperature is the most important incubator parameter, and if we allow the eggshell to dictate the air temperature during the entire incubation process we can lead towards an excellent outcome.

As incubation has high-temperature requirements, and you have to pay constant attention to it to not damage the embryo, you need to seek out a device that can provide you with the proper information at any given time.

As such, when you have the information constantly at hand, you can ensure that if something were to go wrong within the hatching incubator, you can instantly react and address the issue without causing any damage.

This is where Ubibot sets the stage.

How Ubibot Helps

Ubibot is the most advanced solution to allow you to protect what you care about, with information such as temperature, humidity, light, and other data that syncs to any of your devices using a WiFi connection.

UbiBot uses an Internet of things platform to constantly monitor, share, and sync the data of any of the devices you have within your home at any given moment.

This means that you can be out and about your day, and the moment the temperature starts to rapidly rise or drop within the incubator you will be constantly informed that this shift has occurred and can rush your way back home to save that embryo.

Wireless sensors are the way of the future and provide the information you need to you from anywhere, and through the remote environment monitoring which occurs through the IoT platform, you have a wireless sensing device or a WiFi thermometer of sorts which can indicate when any changes occur within the hatching incubator that you can react upon.

The Way of the Future

The UbiBot smart device features a perfect sensor that is located within a tiny device capable of being fitted anywhere.

This device syncs through the Ubibot IoT platform, which allows it to continuously monitor and stream information to the Platform-based Ubibot App.

There is an advanced alert option which allows you to choose when you want to be alerted, this means that if you decide to have a mid-day nap without any disturbance, you can rely on our systems to restrict the notifications throughout different time-frame intervals.

The multiple channels allow you to receive alerts from any service you might already have in your home.

The supported services include Email, IFTTT, SMS, Calls, HTTP. You can choose any one of them or combination of 5 methods at a time.

The Online Monitoring options alert you as soon as any of your devices go offline for whatever reason.

It is important to note that all of these devices record data when they are offline as well, which means that no readings are lost for the time period before they are brought back online.

Data Sharing Options

Another great feature that the Ubibot provides is the device share feature.

This means that you can share your data with anyone you trust to monitor over the incubator.

As such, a family member, friend, or colleague that lives close by can monitor and intervene if something were to go wrong.

As such, you can leave your house and travel throughout the world knowing that if something bad happens, another person can step in and resolve any of those issues.

Real-time observations work through the app and allow you to read real-time conditions and choose exactly who to share these measurements with.

Why Ubibot Matters

Ubibot is created with the intention of potentially saving the lives of millions of animals and creatures that people take care of around the world.

It gives you another dimension of care and commitment through which you can monitor, view, and take care of your precious pets.

If you are a breeder, you always need to ensure that the eggs are receiving the right level of heat in order to not hurt them, and our tools are specifically made to fill this hole in the system.

With Ubibot, you are not just getting a piece of hardware you can attach on your enclosing and forget about, but you are getting an extension of yourself, another set of eyes and ears that allow you to monitor everything even when you are not at home, and it such it makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to broaden their horizons and have a bit of peace of mind when venturing outside of their comfort zones.

Take great care of your animals and always ensure that they are in an effective and healthy environment through the Ubibot tools and applications available to you at any time.

By having access to a constant stream of information you can always know exactly what is happening within your home, or wherever the enclosure may be and as such this makes it a priceless tool that truly delivers on its promise to help you in any way shape and form it can through constant monitoring and syncing of information directly to your smartphone through the official application.

The main target group for this product includes greenhouse growers, warehouse and cold and chain, pharmaceutical storage, the IT industry, product companies, and museums.