Remote Light Strength Monitoring With Ubibot Multi-Sensor Device

Light can be an important factor in the growth of both plans and exotic animals.

As such, it can play a huge role in their development and sustainability.

Many reptiles are cold-blooded animals that require light to warm them up, while many plants rely on the sun to give them the proper tools to grow.

This varies from animal to animal, and from a plant to a plant.

Some plants might need more light than others, and as such, you would need a system that schedules the lighting, as well as monitors its strength.

The differences vary between each industry and use case-scenario, but chances are, that if you are looking at this product, you know exactly what you need it for, so it is time now to learn why you need this specific product in your life.

You see, we usually manually, and physically have to get up, get home or wherever we have our growth mini-farm or mini zoo with reptile animals and measure the temperature and strength of the lights.

What if you could monitor all of this remotely, wherever you are at any geographical location?

The Ultimate Tool

The ultimate and most advanced solution that allows you to consistently monitor and protect what you care about, the Ubibot line of products provides you with constant, in-sync transfers of live information across all of your devices in terms of temperature, humidity, light and much more.

The Internet of Things cloud platforms allows you to have a 24/7 intelligent monitoring function which consistently pumps out the right numbers to all of your devices no matter where you are in the world.

This means that you can go out, have fun with your friends or family, without worrying if there is a hardware failure in any of your enclosures, as you would be instantly informed about it if it were to happen.

The devices are perfect for industry, agriculture, home, or pharmacy use and can bring you a lot of benefits.

How Ubibot Works

UbiBot works through a revolutionary way in which it allows the systems to monitor environmental conditions when they need to.

The sensors synchronize with the Ubibot IoT platform through an internet connection based on WiFi technology and as such you can have instant access to all of your data from anywhere, be it from a web browser running on any device or through a dedicated smartphone application.

The UbiBot smart devices use WiFi/ mobile data/ Ethernet cable to connect to the UbiBot IoT platform after which, through an internet connection it can sync all of the live information directly to your phone, tablet, or PC, where you will have a feed of information and alerts by your specification.

Devices available

The UbiBot WS1 — WiFi Enabled device which can continually monitor the temperature, humidity, and more.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro — advanced device packed with sensors and features with a large LCD screen.

Allows for both mobile data and WiFi connectivity.

The UbiBot GS1 allows usage on harsh industrial environment and features waterproof and dustproof features which ensures that it will run in almost any environment.

You also gain access to the UbiBot IoT platform which can be accessed from anywhere using the UbiBot smartphone application or through the web by using an internet browser.

Platform Services Supported

The supported services include Email, IFTTT, SMS, Call, Spreadsheets by Google, UbiHTTP, Google Home, and Alexa, each of which have their own specific benefits and features.

Email allows support for up to 200 free alerts per month, and 3 credits per 1000 emails after that cap is passed.

IFTTT allows you to monitor your environments by triggering different events.

You can turn the light hue on when UbiBot senses a change in a different attribute in the environment, making the light strength different depending on the parameters and circumstances you decide on.

SMS costs average 0.02 credits per SMS and can inform you for the most important changes that might occur in your lighting environment.

You can also gain alerts by voice call, which costs average 0.03 credits per call.

Spreadsheets, a service that costs 1 USD per month to use, allows you to automatically upload newly generated data to Google Drive Spreadsheets for backup purposes.

UbiHTTP allows the communication between devices, websites, and Web services without implementing protocols at the device level. You can specify operations in UbiHTTP and then trigger them in other Ubibot functions, such as the alert function. allows communication between the multiple devices to occur.

Google Home and Alexa support allow you to receive updates and notifications through the voice speaker and you can command the devices through them.

You also gain features through the platform-based app such as advanced alert options, multiple channels, a virtual guardian, and online monitoring.

Data Sharing Options

You gain around the clock monitoring with colleagues, friends, or family members through which multiple people can monitor the light strength in real-time, and you can take shifts in a way.

Real-time observation allows the app to view the real-time conditions of the lighting.

Shared alerts allow you to choose and add alerts at any given time, which means that you can turn them off while you sleep so they do not disturb you.

The UbiBot cloud also gives you a place to share all of your data and view the previously accessed data.

There are a lot more devices and tools that can help you with any given job, but for the time being, if you want to remotely monitor the light strength, we have the device to provide those features to you.

By implementing an UbiBot device in your system, you can constantly receive real-time updates, or assign someone else to receive them as-well when you are busy with something else.

This allows for a lot of flexibility and ensuring that you are always aware of the surrounding temperature your plants or reptiles are receiving at any given time of the day or night.

With the do not disturb options you can also ensure when you want to receive these notifications through any of the many options through which they can be activated, making it an excellent choice for anyone.