How to Monitor the Temperature in Refrigerated Vehicles Using a Wireless Temperature Sensor?

How to Monitor the Temperature in Refrigerated Vehicles Using a Wireless Temperature Sensor?

Refrigerated vehicles are an amazing way of transporting frozen goods and services across any geographical region.

As such, these vehicles need to be capable of withstanding the sunrays when driven daily and maintain a certain level of cold temperature in order to not ruin the goods inside.

A lot of frozen goods require the vehicle to maintain a certain level of cold, as such, this level needs to be constantly monitored and maintained at that low-level temperature.

Many of them feature thermometers, however, you are not aware of the temperature within the vehicle until you manually open the doors and view the thermometer yourself.

As such, hours or even days can pass before you check if the temperature is still correct, and you might end up ruining some of the hard-earned and maintained goods that are stored in vehicles from this kind.

The Problem

When it comes to the issues that need to be resolved with transporting refrigerating systems like these vehicles, it all boils down to being informed about the temperatures within them.

You need to consistently be aware of them, and so does the driver.

This means that you need a system, which monitors the temperatures of all time, a device that will work even while offline, and a device that can keep everything in sync with both you and the driver handling the vehicle during its transportation phase.

This means that there are three points that need to be covered.

  • Device availability
  • Transfer of information in real-time
  • Delivery of said information to multiple people

So what device out there is designed to specifically fill these needs?

There is a device known as Ubibot which is specifically made to fill this void in the market and will be your future solution.

The Solution

Ubibot offers a variety of features that make it stand out as the ultimate tool for the job of monitoring the temperature in refrigerated vehicles.

As it is a wireless temperature sensor, you are constantly receiving the latest updates related to temperature.

However, the Ubibot devices are not just limited to temperature, you also have access to temperature, humidity, light, and much, much more which all syncs in real-time using WiFi, mobile data, or RJ45 Ethernet connection, through an IoT cloud platform that offers 24/7 intelligent monitoring.

It covers industries such as agriculture, home, industry, and pharmacy.

The Ubibot smart devices use a revolutionary way that monitors environmental conditions where they matter.

The sensors synchronize with the Ubibot IoT platform through a WiFi connection where you can access your data from anywhere through the smartphone application or simply through any device from the web browser.

Your phone can connect online through WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, Zigbee, UWB/NB-IoT, and through this connection, you can monitor your whole environment remotely, without having to physically be located at the location of the device.

There are multiple models of the Ubibot, such as the WS1, the WS1 Pro, The GS1, and the IoT platform which all work in conjunction with one another.

How Ubibot Excels

When it comes to the selection of platforms you have at your disposal when using Ubibot, you have access to:

  • Email — 200 free emails per month, 3 credits per thousand emails
  • IFTTT — trigger millions of different IFTTT events such as turning the hue light when light falls below 40 lux
  • SMS — 0.02 credit per SMS
  • Call — Alert by voice call, 0.03 credit per call
  • Spreadsheets — With Auto-syncing to Google Sheets as a service, this service costs 1 USD per month, note that Spreadsheets is used for detailed reports, not alerts.

UbiHTTP — HTTP interaction services known as UbiHTTP allow the communication between devices, websites, and web services without implementing any protocols at the device level.

Google Home — by connecting the Ubibot to Google Home, you can receive updates about the temperature and other data with your voice and let it control a series of actions, such as turning on or off heating and air conditioning automatically

Alexa — Ubibot features a smart home function that can interact with any voice devices such as Alexa, where you can set up routines to use readings from Ubibot temperature sensors as conditions which can perform any series of actions such as turning on or off air conditioning or heating

You also have features through the platform-based Ubibot app such as:

  • Advanced Alerts — allows you to select when to not be disturbed
  • Multiple Channels — allow you to receive notifications through different channels
  • Virtual Guardian — an alert service which monitors devices remotely
  • 7/24 Monitoring — allows devices to record data even when offline

By far the most suitable device for the refrigerated vehicles is the GS1-PL4G1RS. It is integrated with an external BD GPS Active Antenna, which provides real-time positioning function. It supports both wifi and mobile data transmission. With it, no matter where the truck goes, data can be updated via the 2G/3G/4G signal. And you can know it’s travel trace.

One of the most useful features for the refrigerated vehicles is the data sharing options.

This means that, if you are a business owner which employs multiple drivers to drive multiple refrigerated vehicles to their destination, you can assign each one of the information about the Ubibot device within each vehicle.

So you would have access to the information in vehicles:

  • Vehicle 1
  • Vehicle 2
  • Vehicle 3
  • You and driver 1 will have access to the data in vehicle 1
  • You and driver 2 will have access to the data in vehicle 2
  • You and driver 3 will have access to the data in vehicle 3

This makes it a perfect method to ensure that everyone is informed about everything and that each driver knows exactly at which temperature their device is functioning, so if they need to take action they can instantly do so.

You gain knowledge about this as well and can monitor which driver takes the right precautions to ensure that everything is delivered efficiently and effectively, and can instantly make all of the arrangements when anything starts to go wrong even before the driver calls you to inform you that such an occurrence has happened during his shift.

There are a lot more use-cases when it comes to the Ubibot devices, this was just one example of how effective it can be and it can bring your monitoring to the next level.