Protect Your Animals from Dog Days

With summer being as hot as ever, we can expect dangerous weather conditions throughout the entire world.

As a pet owner, one must recognize that dogs, and even cats, can suffer from heat-related issues that are also affecting us as human beings.

This implies that animals can over-heat, dehydrate and receive sunburns.

So how do you notice if your pet is over-heating?

In most cases, you will notice that your animal has slowed down or stopped all movement in order to take in the heat.

You might also notice more subtle things such as excessive panting, drooling or confusion. Always make sure to pay attention to how your specific pet acts and how they react to different situations.

Dog days or dog days of summer are the hot days you can expect during the season of summer.

This means that each and every pet can receive some sort of side effect on their health due to the excessive heat.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

In order to keep your pet as safe as possible during this season, there are certain things you need to do and consider, and taking as much care of our loved ones as possible can lead to an extended and healthier life, so make sure to pay close attention.

Never leave your pet alone in any vehicle, even with the windows down or the AC turned on.

Make sure that your pet always has access to fresh and cool water as well as a place out of direct sunlight that will help them avoid a potential heat stroke.

Never leave your pet outside for too long, and avoid times where the temperature is simply too high for them to handle.

Taking Action at Home

Imagine a situation where you are having an enjoyable day at home, and the heat does not bother you as a person, so you just sit down on your couch and start enjoying a football game or whatever you are into.

Suddenly, at the corner of your eye you start to notice that your pet is slowly losing consciousness and fainting. You quickly get up to treat it and reserve a slot to the nearest veterinarian to see what is happening, only to find out that that pet has gotten a heat stroke and as a result, has fainted.

So how do you avoid a situation like this one?

Well, this is where UbiBot can change things and improve the life for you as well as the pet for the better.

The UbiBot Line of Devices

UbiBot is a line of products centered and specializing in Wireless Environmental Sensors and Probes.

These are, put simply, devices that you can attach to any room or piece of furniture that can monitor certain levels in the room.

They can measure temperature, humidity, light and much more.

There are many UbiBot devices, but for the time being we will be discussing:

  • The UbiBot WS1– A WiFi enabled device which continually monitors the temperature and humidity of a room. The Ws1 gives you insight into the conditions within your home where your animal might be staying while you are outside.
  • The UbiBot WS1 Pro– A more advanced version of the WS1 which features a large LCD display and can be connected to through both WiFi and Mobile connectivity which will allow you to monitor everything from anywhere in the world.
  • The UbiBot GS1– An industrial-grade version that is specifically designed for harsher environments and features waterproofing and dustproofing features which can ensure stable runtimes and reliable measurements just about anywhere.

How It Is All Connected

You may now be asking yourself; this sounds amazing, these devices will surely let me know if my animal has the right conditions and if he is at risk of getting a heat-stroke, but how are these devices connected to my phone, and what other features do they have?

Well, all of this is made possible by the UbiBot IoT Platform which can be accessed from any device through the smartphone application or through a web browser.

It automates data storage and analysis and even allows you to set real-time alerts.

When it comes to the platform services you will gain access to, you can connect through the following methods:

Email – through this method, you can set up an alert by email and receive up to 200 free alert emails per device per month, which refreshes on a monthly basis.

IFTTT – this gives you access to an array of possibilities when monitoring any environment as you can trigger million of different IFTTT events that are a result of certain changes in the temperature or environment as a whole, giving you a lot of flexibility.

SMS – through this method you can receive alerts by SMS, assuming you are not connected to an online connection through a mobile network or WiFi, think of this as a fail-safe when you really need to be informed. The Fee of this service is 0.02 credits per SMS (The fees vary in different regions).

Call – similar as the SMS, except here you are alerted through a voice call instead of an SMS and it costs 0.03 credits per call (The fees vary in different regions).

A great way to manage and generate your tables with constant syncing of real data and real-time data security and integrity is through Google Spreadsheets.

This service allows you to gain access to different Spreadsheets that work within the Google Drive platform, which in turn allows you to analyze, store and monitor your data through servers which are protected and monitored by a large company such as Google, ensuring that you have the maximum level of support at any time.

With all of this said and done, the best way to take care of your pet is to know exactly in what kind of living conditions they are resting it at all times, even when you are outside, and through the UbiBot line of devices, you can make sure to always be in the loop of what your pet is exposed to, especially during the hot summer dog days.