Be Aware of the Extreme Humidity of Your Garage Before Damage Occurs

Before we begin anything, it is important that you understand exactly what humidity is.

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present within the air.

Water vapor is the gaseous state of water and is invisible to the human eye. Humidity indicates the likelihood for precipitation, dew or fog that can be present within a given area.

Now, during rainy seasons, or sudden shifts in temperature, humidity can occur within your garage.

As many of us store a lot of things within our garages, chances are that some of them, especially electronic things, can be damaged in a very serious way, up to a point of completely breaking, and as such, we need to make sure that the humidity level is controlled, or at least that we are always aware of what is happening in our garage and what level of humidity we can expect throughout any specific season.

By taking good care of everything, we can lead to expanded lifespans of each and every product we store within our storage units known as garages, from electronics all the way to mechanical things that help us in our everyday life.

A lot of us love to work with tools as-well, and humidity can also damage electronic tools that rely on a stable weather to operate.

The impact of hot weather

In summer, garage doors are especially prone to failure due to the high level of humidity.

Wooden garage doors can absorb a lot of moisture during humid weather, and this excess of moisture can cause wood to swell, and in turn your garage door will be at risk of cracking or splitting in half.

You also gain the added risk of accelerated rotting due to the high level of humidity.

Keep in mind, your garage door is probably not the only wooden thing you keep in there.

You may have a shovel, a mop, other things you use to take care of your home and backyard for example, that all have some wooden part about them.

Now, how exactly can you stop this from happening, and does a device out there exist which is specifically designed to help you save a lot of money in repairs within the long-term?

The UbiBot Devices to the Rescue

UbiBot features a revolutionary line of devices that can truly help you monitor the level of humidity you have in your garage from wherever you are.

Best of all, you do not need to worry about anything, as it is all connected through the UbiBot IoT platform.

What are the devices and how exactly do they work?

Some of the most commonly bought UbiBot devices include:

The UbiBot WS1

This is a device capable of monitoring the temperature and humidity of your garage as well as give you insight into other conditions throughout your entire home.

It connects flawlessly to the UbiBot smartphone and web application and allows you to monitor the activity within the room at any time, from anywhere.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro

Another variant of the WS1, the Pro name comes from the fact that it features a large LCD screen which allows you to view each statistic at a glance, so you can check up on the level of humidity, weather and other stats before leaving the garage just to make sure that everything is in prime conditions for that added peace of mind before going out on a trip.

It allows for both WiFi and mobile data connectivity which makes it easily accessible from anywhere.

The UbiBot GS1

What makes the GS1 special is the fact that it is industrial-grade.

This means that it is:

  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof

Because of this, it can run in harsh environments, and will not break easily.

This is perfect for companies or people who live a more robust lifestyle and want something that can handle the pressure.

As mentioned previously, all of this is connected through the IoT platform by UbiBot.

The Services

Let us start off by taking the alerts out of the way.

You can be alerted through several ways

App Alerts – completely free notifications to your phone of tablets.

Email Alerts – up to 200 free alerts per device per month, after which you will be charged 3 credits per 1000 emails.

SMS Alerts – these cost an average of 0.02 credits per SMS(fees vary in different regions)

Call Alerts – these cost an average of 0.03 credits per SMS(fees vary in different regions)

You also have Google Drive functionality through Google Spreadsheets where you can receive data security and data integrity of the raw data and real-time sync you receive across all of the devices to your designated account.

You can also connect everything to a Google Home and get temperature and other data with your voice as well as control a series of actions, like turning on or off the heating and air conditioning of a room.

Last but not least, you can even connect it with Alexa, giving you access to the readings through your voice commands.

When it comes to data sharing, you can share access to the monitoring and statistics from these devices to any family member, friend or colleague who you think would help you out in a pinch if you are too far away from your garage to handle things manually.

You can also set up shared alerts with another person who you choose to add.

The UbiBot app gives you a single ecosystem to manage data sharing and view who previously had access to all of the data, ensuring that everything is monitored and up to standard.

Keeping your garage in prime condition will lead to a longer life span for both the doors, hinges, mechanisms that make everything work, windows, and most importantly, the things within the garage itself, so making sure that you have constant access to the information about the level of humidity within the room can ensure that you can take the right action at the right time and get the desired outcome where you end up saving everything.