How to Maintain Laboratory Temperature at a Stable Level

If you are storing items in a laboratory, chances are that they need to be kept at a certain level of heat or cold in order to be stored properly.

Temperature can vary in any environment, and when you choose to keep things in a storage unit such as a laboratory, chances are that you cannot be physically within the laboratory at all times to measure the level of humidity, and the temperature as a whole.

As such, there are even bigger chances that you will be heading out to seek a solution to this issue.

So you end up asking yourself, what can I do if I, for example, am storing a liquid, or some equipment which needs to be consistently at the set temperature, and exactly, how can I monitor the temperature at all times, without the need to hire someone to be constantly within the laboratory?

The Power of Humidity Sensors

Through a humidity sensor, you can distribute sensors all across your laboratory and on racking as-well, where the sensor data can be logged and broadcast at regular intervals to the nearest sensor or wireless repeater.

Each of the following UbiBot devices has its own advantage, and so you can ensure that you make the right choice when choosing one, we will go in-depth in all of their constructions, features, and what type of users need them.

The UbiBot WS1

The UbiBot WS1 is a Wi-Fi enabled device that can connect to a wireless connection within seconds and can continuously monitor the humidity, temperature, and a lot more things that happen within the time.

It can give you insights into the conditions of your laboratory directly to your smartphone or computer through the UbiBot IoT platform, where you will see a live feed of all of the stats and analytics as well as have the ability to receive notifications if the temperature would shift dramatically at any given moment.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro

The UbiBot WS1 Pro, as the name might imply, is a version of the UbiBot WS1 tailored towards a professional crowd.

It is packed with advanced sensors, but the main advantage over the original is the fact that it features a large LCD screen and can connect through both a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) and a mobile connection (4G), which means that you can use it just about anywhere.

It allows you to view the information from just about anywhere and you will be instantly informed if any temperature drops or spikes occur within the atmosphere of the room.

The UbiBot GS1

The UbiBot GS1 is an industrial-grade version of the UbiBot WS1 Pro, which means that it also comes with an LCD screen, however, it is designed with harsher environments in mind.

The GS1 is completely waterproof and dustproof and ensures that it can run effectively and reliably within even the harshest environment, which is recommended for people who tend to store things that might be brittle or fragile, or in some cases can chemically change their construction due to a difference in the level of heat within their laboratories.

The UbiBot IoT Plaftorm

A clinical laboratory usually uses temperature to maintain the stability of testing samples, so the laboratory environment and the analytical reactions, instrumentation, and materials need to be consistently monitored and controlled to the required and assigned temperatures.

As such, it is of the utmost importance that you constantly have the information available to you at any given time throughout the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As such, UbiBot devices use a truly safe of the art and revolutionary technology through which they measure your environmental conditions.

The innovation here is in the fact that the sensors can synchronize with the UbiBot IoT platform using Wi-Fi to allow you to access your data from anywhere, using a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This can be done in the form of alerts, which can be accessed at sent throughout multiple ways of using the IoT platform, which is completely up to you.

If you are an avid user of a smartphone, you can be notified about different changes that occur in the laboratory when it comes to the temperature through an email, of which you get 200 free email notifications per month, or through SMS and Voice Calls which have their own charge associated with them.

It can also generate analytical Spreadsheets so you know what kind of temperature levels you had in the laboratory throughout the week, month or year, and you can even make custom IFTTT commands to trigger certain events if the temperature drops below a certain level.

Chances are that if you are using a laboratory, you are not truly alone.

You are usually alongside a companion, assistant, or a person with a huge interest in keeping the temperature within the laboratory just as equal as you want it to be.

As such, you can share your access to the sensor’s information with this person and allow them to view and monitor the information just as you would.

This means that if you are ever away on a business trip or on a vacation for example, and if the laboratory triggers a temperature change, but you are not in front of your device, or even in the same country in order to react accordingly, your companion within the laboratory can also be informed and if available react accordingly.

This means that they can resolve any issue, which might have occurred during the time at which the issue has occurred.

Keeping laboratory equipment stable is of the utmost importance if you want a stable and safe environment for work.

As such, by investing in monitoring equipment, you are not only investing in your life of business or in your laboratory but also in yourself, as the safer and more stable the work environment is, the safe and more stable you are as you attend to work in that laboratory each day.