Exciting Announcement: UbiBot.IO is Moving to UbiBot.COM from this point onward

One of the main challenges people have when taking care of anything in a closed environment is the sensor monitoring which needs to occur on a daily basis.

If you have been following us along our adventure, and have been a fan of our products, but have not been able to access it for whatever reason, we are proud to announce that as of today, Ubibot is going global.

This is a huge leap for our company as a whole, as the company evolves, so does the quality of the services and products that we provide to our customers.

Since we grew to a massive scale during the past few years, we managed to acquire the domain ubibot.com, and as we grow larger, you can expect more improvements like these as a result.

From now on, our website will be changed and improved upon. We will be switching from ubibot.io to ubibot.com gradually. Please note, the “.io” domain name is also available during the migration. We will inform you as soon as we complete the migration.

What does this mean for you as an end-user?

Ubibot is a globalized brand that offers the most advanced monitoring solutions that enable you to protect what you care about.

As a global provider of monitoring devices, we have developed an Ubibot IoT platform that works throughout the entire world.

This means that if you are a person or company interested in any of our Ubibot line of products, you will now be able to easily access and order each and every one of them through ubibot.com.

Improved e-mail experiences

From this point onward, all of the emails sent from Ubibot, including alert notifications, registration notifications, and any other email with promotional materials or updates about our company, will be sent from the domain name ubibot.com.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower different industries throughout the entire world through our innovative, efficient, and effective monitoring devices, and as such, all of our products feature manuals available in different languages.

These languages include:

English; Spanish; Portuguese; German; Italian; Russian; French; Polish; Dutch; Arabic; Japanese

With many more to come in the future as well.

Ubibot.com will also be available in multiple languages as time moves on and it evolves, as the website, just like our products, is evolving on a daily basis, improving with each following day.

The Future of Ubibot

With leading-edge developers behind the development of our website, we will ensure that you have the highest level of both qualities in terms of product availability, access for shipping, blog posts with informative content, and many other guides that will help you transition to the Ubibot line of products with ease.

Here at Ubibot, we are IoT specialists with a proven track record of building user-oriented ecosystems.

Through our wireless solution is known as the Ubibot IoT, each and every one of our sensors can provide accurate environmental monitoring and you can access each of these readings through our application on any device that you might have.

This means that our solution and software is on the cloud, making it easily accessible by just about any person located anywhere in the world, so why should our physical sensors be any different?

While the transition from ubibot.io to ubibot.com may seem minimal, it is a huge step for the future of our company, and a huge step in the ease of access for all of our fans and users throughout the world who want to have a solid product which is responsible for the monitoring of their precious products.

Consistent Improvement

An ecosystem can be seen as a living, breathing platform which takes care of the passage of information from one device to another.

It is never stationary, or strict.

This means that it can be consistently improved upon, and upgraded, wirelessly through the power of the cloud.

In other words, if the application does not currently support your language, it will inevitably be added in the future, alongside some local features that might be specific to your needs.

This means that, as the company grows and evolves, so will our products, and our IoT platform, and the change to ubibot.com is a big leap towards this change.

The global movement is happening before our very eyes, and we could not be more excited to bring our line of products into the hands and homes of many future customers.