The Best Motion Sensors for Any Warehouse

Motions sensors are commonly being used in warehouses within multiple aisles and crossing points in order to provide in-depth signaling when a person or forklift is approaching an intersection.

As a result, you can have a more streamlined workflow and improved worker safety.

This is the common usage of a lot of sensors when it comes to warehousing, however, it does not need to stop here.

Improving Warehouse Awareness

Motion detection can be one of the most important aspects of any warehouse security program as it is the first line of defense that can truly alert and help you when someone is on your property, in this case, your warehouse, without any permission.

When the motion sensor is tripped it can send a signal to your mobile device through Wi-Fi so it can instantly notify you if something horrible is about to happen or if someone is trying to steal the merchandise out of your warehouse.

The UbiBot motion Sensor known as the MS1 is an infrared motion sensor that gives you information about any movement that occurs within the room or in this case, the warehouse you place it in.

It can detect movement of up to 12 meters in terms of distance and it has a wide detection range of horizontal 105 degrees and vertical 40 degrees.

The MS1 supports a connection of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and is extremely easy and intuitive to set up.

When it comes to other features, the wireless Motion Sensor is a compact motion sensor, which allows you to detect any movement within your given warehouse by using infrared motion-sensing technology, which can monitor the real-time mild dynamics of the human body and animals and keep you informed about their presence at any time.

The UbiBot MS1 device is based on the UbiBot IoT platform which allows a stable and efficient environmental monitoring process to be active at any given moment which provides an advanced level of performance.

It can detect any environmental data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and sync all of the date to the UbiBot IoT platform, which can be accessed at any time from your smartphone or computer device.

This device shines in the fact that it can detect the movement of even the smallest animal, which means that nobody will visit your warehouse undetected.

The device can be set up in any way you’d wish, for example, you will be able to turn the light on each time a person leaves or enters a room, so that both you, and the person himself can be informed that someone is aware of their presence, which can discourage theft and unpermitted entry.

The cloud-based UbiBot IoT platform offers advanced data analytics and management.

What Does This Mean for the End-User?

This means that any user who has an UbiBot device of any kind, and access to either a smartphone or a computer, can set up real-time notifications.

How Do These Notifications Work?

Each time a metric goes outside of the range specified by you, the user, the platform will notify you through either a notification on your smartphone or an email, call, SMS, and so on.

This can also be done through a choice call and HTTP, which allows you to respond promptly before any damage occurs to your warehouse or even prevent theft of things you might have stored within the warehouse as a whole.

How the UbiBot MS1 Works

Overall, it adds peace of mind knowing that if the sensor detects any movement, you will know about it and can respond accordingly.

Keep in mind that charges apply to SMS and voice call alerts, while you have access to 200 free emails per device.

You are not only limited to real-time notifications of-course, while these are convenient for the moment-to-moment scenarios, at times, you just might want to view your history and analyze what has happened in the past, and as such, you can analyze all of the changes that have occurred during the time that you were away from the warehouse if any genuinely have done so.

Keep in mind that the device has the capability of storing up to 300.000 records in its internal memory storage, which can protect your data if a network error occurs at any time.

In other words, if your Wi-Fi connection drops, and you are afraid you might miss out on any readouts, you need to worry not, as the UbiBot MS1 can store things internally and sync them back to the cloud the moment it connects to a network again.

When it comes to power on the UbiBot MS1, you can power it through either a power supply or through Micro USB, which makes it simple to connect to just about anything and it can gain power easily.

When you first get the MS1, in the box you are greeted with mounting screws which can be used to mount the Motion Sensor to a corner or a flat surface on the wall, however, you are free to mount it in any way which fits the specific needs of your warehouse.

Warehousing is a simple process at its core, you are basically storing physical things in a warehouse which is usually away from your home in the hopes of keeping everything much safer and reducing clutter within your home or garage, however, this comes with its own set of risks.

For example, if you are not physically near a warehouse, you might never know if someone is about to break into it and steal your precious belongings.

As such, you need to implement a high level of security, such as cameras, and in some cases, even motion sensors that cannot be covered by thieves and can instantly inform you when someone is within the room as a whole.

If you are the kind of person who is genuinely serious about the protection of their belongings within a warehouse, or just want to automate things based on movement, the UbiBot MS1 is the device for you.