Real-Time Temperature Alerts in Any Compact Substation

Real-Time Temperature Alerts in Any Compact Substation

Substation ventilation is required to dissipate any of the heat, which is produced by the transformers and other types of equipment, and in order to allow for drying after wet or humid periods.

The ventilation needs to be kept at the minimum required level in order for the Compact Substation to work efficiently.

The ventilation has to never generate any sudden temperature variations that might cause a dew point to be reached.

This is why natural ventilation should be used if it is possible, and in situations where it can be proved as an efficient method.

Heating could be required when the application can be de-energized for a period of time, and this can occur if you want to maintain a minimum airflow within the whole system.

If forced ventilation is required, the fans should operate continuously in order to avoid temperature fluctuations.

If forced ventilation is not enough to assure the indoor service condition of the switchgear or the installation surrounding it ends up being a hazardous area, an HVAC unit will be required to separate completely the indoor service conditions to the outside conditions.

As such, knowing the levels of temperature shifts, and at what level the Compact Substation is operating in is extremely important if you want to ensure the safety of the environment surrounding it.

To do this, UbiBot has developed specific sensors tailored towards this need in varying options that should fit just about anyone’s specific needs and budget.

The UbiBot Line of Products

Each UbiBot device is unique and developed with specific interests in mind, and as such has its own advantages and disadvantages, and so you can ensure that you make the right choice when choosing one, we will go in-depth in all of their constructions, features, and what type of users need them.

The UbiBot WS1

The UbiBot WS1 is a device, which through the usage of Wi-FI technology can connect to a wireless connection and can continuously monitor the humidity, temperature, and changes that might occur within the substation.

It can give you insights into the conditions of your compact substation directly to your smartphone or computer through the UbiBot IoT platform, where you will see a live feed of all of the stats and analytics as well as have the ability to receive notifications if the temperature would shift dramatically at any given moment.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro

The UbiBot WS1 Pro is an upgraded version of the UbiBot WS1 tailored towards professionals.

It is packed with advanced sensors, and one of the main advantages it has over the original is the large LCD screen and can connect through both a wireless connection and a mobile connection.

This allows the end-user to view the information from just about anywhere and it will lead them to be instantly informed if any temperature drops or spikes occur within the atmosphere of the room.

The UbiBot GS1

The UbiBot GS1 is an industrial-grade version of the UbiBot WS1 Pro, which means that it not only comes with a large LCD screen; it is also designed with harsher environments in mind.

The GS1 is completely waterproof and dustproof and ensures that it can run effectively and reliably within even the harshest environment, which makes it a perfect device to be used for operation and sensing within a Compact Substation.

How the UbiBot IoT Platform Keeps You Informed

While the devices may sound neat and extremely attractive as an option, they might end up make you wondering, how exactly will you receive the information you need on time in order to react if anything would occur, such as a rapid heat increase within the compact substation?

To answer that question, we have the UbiBot revolutionary IoT platform, which enables the sensors to synchronize with the cloud through the usage of Wi-Fi technology in order to allow you to access all of the information from just about anywhere.

The UbiBot IoT platform has an application that is available on the iOS, on Android, and on PC such as any PC running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, and any Mac running OSX v10.8 or above.

This means that, as long as you own any smartphone, tablet, or PC, you should be able to access the control panel and see the temperature and humidity information live from your screen.

The way through which the UbiBot platform informs you of any changes, even when you are not directly looking at the platform, is through notifications.

These notifications can be received in the form of email notifications, which are available for up to 200 emails per device per month, or through more traditional methods such as a voice call or an SMS, which have their own charge rates that go per voice call or per SMS sent.

You can also request a detailed spreadsheet that features analytics and information about the temperature and humidity indexes which have occurred within the past week, month, or even year, which should give you a clear indication as to how exactly the compact substation is operating annually.

You are, however, not limited to having only one person view the information required.

If you want to disperse an entire team to resolve an issue that might have occurred within the compact substation, each and every one of them can be configured and given access to the platform.

This is in order to view all of the information live, as well as know when exactly the temperature shift occurred in order to try to analyze to eventually figure out what might have caused it and come up with a solution more quickly and efficiently.

This gives everyone a tremendous advantage as not all of them will need to be staring at a single screen trying to view different statistics, but each and every one of them can open up their own session on their preferred device and analyze it in as much time as they need to without rushing for the next person to view the information.