The Proper Way to Manage Your Honey Bee Farm

When you manage a honey bee farm, CO2 and temperature and humidity are the factors that can make or break that farms efficiency.

What is Ubibot External CO2 Probe?

The Ubibot External CO2 Probe is a probe which has been specifically engineered and designed with Ubibot’s self-developed Carbon Dioxide Probe technology.

What this means is that it features an industrial grade sensor which has the capability and capacity to measure CO2 in a range of 0 to 10000 ppm, with an accuracy of ±(30ppm + 3%).

When it comes to most cases, the CO2 can play a negative role, such as at home, at a greenhouse, or other locations.

Keep in mind that this probe, is an extension, addon, and accessory to other UbiBot Devices.

This means that you can connect it to the GS1 series of the devices, such as the GS1-AL4G, the GS1-AETH and so on.

Through this probe, you will no longer have a need to look at the readings at all times, as the data is consistently synced with the IoT platform, and can be stored on the cloud, allowing you to view all of the data from the application itself.

You can also implement custom alerts which can notify you if a sudden change or extreme condition occurs through a notification, email, SMS text, voice call or IFTTT.

How the Ubibot External CO2 Probe Works?

You insert the probe in the location where you want to measure the level of CO2.

The probe then transfers that information to the devices such as the GS1-AL4G, the GS1-AETH.

You can then view this information through the UbiBot IoT platform where you will receive all of the information in real-time based on your specific preferences, and be notified if things start going bad.

What Makes Ubibot External CO2 Probe Special?

The thing that makes this probe so special and stand out from the rest of the probes out there is through its integration with other UbiBot devices.

What this means is that you can gain access to the complete feature set of the platform from the comfort of the smartphone in your pocket at all times.

Our ecosystem is fully optimized to work with all of these systems in place which ensures maximum efficiency as well as seamless integration.

How Does Ubibot External CO2 Probe Connect with the Ubibot IoT Cloud?

Once you establish a connection between the Ubibot External CO2 Probe and the, for example the GS1, you start receiving the raw data in real time from the probe itself.

This is made possible through the UbiBot IoT platform which has been developed with this integration In mind.

How Does Ubibot External CO2 Probe Transfer Data to Other Devices?

The UbiBot GS1 is a reliable sensing device which offers reliable sensing, and supports WiFi or Ethernet connections.

It comes alongside a free application, as well as email alerts, phone alerts, and even SMS alerts.

The data can sync through WiFi or Ethernet, and it has a 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring sensor.

The RS485 interface allows access for multiple probe accessories, and has a larger internal storage which can keep track of up to 300.000 records.

Why is the internal storage important?

Everything gets synced to the cloud, this is correct, but let’s imagine that for whatever reason, the internet connection stops working for a certain period of time, and this data cannot get synced, what do you do in this case?

Well, this device is so smart, that it can store those logs in its own memory database while it is offline, and the second the connection gets backed online, all of that data can be synced again to the cloud, allowing you to view it through the mobile application.

The data is transferred through an internet connection, or stored in the GS1 device itself, making data loss basically impossible, and ensuring that you have a maximum readout for the CO2 levels on your honey bee farm.

Why Take Advantage of the Ubibot IoT Platform?

The main reason why people choose Ubibot devices, when compared to other devices which offer similar functionality on the market, is due to the fact that these devices are special in their own way.

What we man by this is the fact that they offer the Ubibot IoT platform, and it’s time you finally understood what this means.

This means that you can easily connect the device, and its notifications, through an email service, through an IFTTT application, through SMS, Calls, Spreadsheets,
UbiHTTP, Google Home and Alexa.

This seamless connectivity allows for quite the flexibility.

So, let’s go to a step by step guide as to how everything works:

  1. The UbiBot probe connects to the smart device.
  2. The smart device processes the data.
  3. The data is then stored on the physical memory of the device.
  4. If an internet connection is established, the device connects to the Ubibot IoT platform.
  5. The data is then uploaded to the platform.
  6. The platform then sends you a notification through your preferred service if anything happens.
  7. You can simply open up the phone application, or web application, and view all of the raw data at any time, in real time.
  8. Everything gets consistently synced.

This allows for a high level of data reliability, and best of all, access to all of this can be shared with just about anyone.

As such, you won’t have to worry about your honey bee farm if you are away from it, as you will be constantly aware about the CO2 levels due to the power of this probe as well as the device it is connected to.

So, the next time you are thinking about making an upgrade to your farm which will be valuable in the long-term, look no further than the Ubibot External CO2 Probe.

Make sure to check out all of the UbiBot devices and probes available for you at any time.