Embracing a Smarter Lifestyle with a Smart Plug

A smart plug is a plug which can change its activity and be turned on or off through the usage of a smartphone application.

This allows you to have the ability of turning on or off any appliance which is connected into that specific wall socket.

This means that you can actively control it, or automate it to a level through which it can react to schedules and triggers based on the specific preferences you have set for it.

How a smart plug works?

A smart plug can convert ordinary appliances into smart ones.

What do we mean by smart appliances?

This means that you can control the power supply to the appliances, and their on or off status, through the power of your smartphone, and a little bit from the application as well.

This means that you can take just about any ordinary electrical outlet in your home, and transform it into a smart plug.

What Makes the UbiBot SP1 Special?

The UbiBot Smart Plug SP1 differs from traditional smart plugs in the way through which it can connect your appliances to the internet of things, which allows them to become much more intelligent.

If other plugs are smart plugs, you can think of this as a genius plug, as this smart plug can be connected to a cloud platform through either a WiFi connection that you already probably have in your home, or through a mobile connection through various means.

This means that the work status, timing, and linkage of other connected devices can be set on the platform.

As a result, you have full control on which device runs where at which time period based on your specific needs and preferences.

How this smart plug stays connected

Through the support of an internet connection achieved through either a WiFi signal or a mobile network, the smart plug can transmit the data to the cloud platform in real time.

This means that you can log into the cloud platform through the application, set it up, and check the device status at just about any time, from wherever you are.

This is done through the usage of the UbiBot App, which supports all of the UbiBot line of devices seamlessly.

This application allows support for custom alerts settings, which will allow you to monitor the status of the environment with ease, as you will be constantly alerted if something does not go as planned, or when a device is being turned on or off.

The device also supports an external probe, which can link it to other devices with ease.

What truly makes the UbiBot SP1 extra-ordinary is the fact that it comes with two external sensor interfaces.

These are:

  • RS485
  • DS18B20

Through this expansion, you can increase the functions of the plug.

When it comes to the availability, the plug supports and has international certification of multinational standards.

The UbiBot SP1 Supports:

  • European Standard
  • French Standard
  • International Standard
  • Australian Standard
  • American Standard
  • Japanese Standard
  • British Standard

This means that you can gain easy access to it and use it no matter where you are in the world, making it a suitable option for just about anyone trying to enrich their home and transform it into a smart home.

Another great reason why the UbiBot SP1 remarkable is the fact that it has a design that has the protection of children in mind.

This means that, through its construction, it can prevent children from accidentally inserting metal objects, such as keys, into the sockets and potentially getting hurt in the process, safety comes first.

Due to the flame-resistant materials used for the UbiBot SP1, you can rest assured knowing that its shell can stand temperatures of up to 750℃.

The device is constructed from a flame-resistant ABS material as well as polycarbonate.

The Wi-Fi connection has support for WiFi 2.4 GHz (1-13 channel).

The Mobile network which is supported is a single Nano – SIM card, which can be purchased and activated from just about any network provider. Ubibot also provides Global SIM which covers over 90 countries and regions in the world. It’s customised for Ubibot series, but also accessible for other common IoT devices.

The network which it supports is GPRS, 4G.

The system through which the UbiBot application runs has to be on Android 8.1 or above, or iOS 11 or above in order to efficiently work.

When it comes to the voltage through which this plug operates, it is at 250V, offering a maximum power of 3.5 KW MAX and a maximum current of 16A MAX.

It has an average operating temperate that ranges between 10℃ to 60℃.

As such, this plug allows for a lot of variety and can bring your home to the next level in terms of smart capabilities.

Why Enter the UbiBot Ecosystem?

The UbiBot application is based on the internet of things, and it features a cloud that can consistently and reliably connect you with your entire lineup of UbiBot devices through a single application.

The Smart Plug SP1 is no exception to this rule, as it can be directly connected to this revolutionary big data platform on the internet of things through a WiFi or mobile network.

As such, any data which is collected by the device, as well as any other external sensors you might already have in your home, can be uploaded and viewed in real time, from anywhere in the world, and can be accessed through different terminals which the application supports, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop or laptops computers with a modern operating system.

This Smart Plug, known as the UbiBot SP1, is commonly used in agriculture, smart homes, industry buildings and other institutions which might require some of the services that are offered by a device of this nature.

As such, it can be integrated with a lot of systems, and devices, which will lead to less energy usage when the devices do not need to run, as well as remote monitoring of the real-time conditions through which these devices operate, without the need of a person to physically go there to do so.