EC/PH Monitoring in Hydroponics – Gain Instantly Notified About All and Any Data

What is the UbiBot GS2 EC PH Monitor?

This is a sensor which belongs in the GS family of Ubibot sensors, the GS2 series of devices retain the original shell, and characteristics of the original design, but it is a completely new, revamped system on the inside.

It is an EC & PH value monitoring device which is specifically designed with agriculture in mind.

Hydroponics is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture, which is by itself a method of growing plants and crops, without the need of soil, through natural nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent.

This means that the growth is highly dependent on the nutrient solution in order to ensure that the plant grows properly and healthy.

Keep in mind that hydroponic gardens typically contain different varieties of plants, and as such, they require different nutrient solution concentrations for their growth.

It is an extremely useful technique for growing but it is dependent on the constant monitoring of pH and EC in the nutrient solution which is used for their growth.
This means that you must have a proper measurement, and proper control of pH and EC in order to be able to get most out of the hydroponic systems and in turn, grow larger, healthier plants than ever before, and through the EC/PC Monitoring solution known as the Ubibot GS2 EC PH Monitor, this is a possibility.

You can connect external EC or PH probes to this device, after which the readings can be monitored and displayed on the LCD screen instantly, as well as be linked and synced to the IoT platform which can be accessed from any web browser, or through your mobile phone from the original, free application you get with each purchase of an Ubibot device.

However, if we look back at the device, we can also find on-board knobs which can allow you to efficiently and easily calibrate the accuracy of the EC and PH probe through immersing the probe tip to throughout the solutions.

What this means for the end-user is the fact that this is extremely easy to operate, and as such, even the most inexperienced and new users into the Ubibot ecosystem can have an easy time understanding and using this monitor.

How Does This Monitor Work?

The GS2 connects to the UbiBot Big Data IoT platform through a WiFi / SIM connection.

On this platform, you can add multiple Ubibot devices, and are able to view all of them, as well as their entire data at any time through the Ubibot application, or through the web application, which can be accessed from any modern device on any modern web browser.

This means that you can gain easy access to tools such as remote visualization, data sharing, alert notification, report exportation and a large amount of storage.

What do we mean by storage?

Well, one of the beautiful features of this device may sound heavenly to people who have lost data in the past.

You now may be asking yourself, how exactly is it special?

Well, it features an internet connection, and through WiFi/SIM, this device, as well as all other devices, can monitor the temperature and humidity of a given room, thing or liquid 24/7, and store all of that data onto their onboard memory, after which that data is transferred to the IoT cloud platform where you can easily view it from your mobile device.

However, what happens if your device goes offline, what do you do in the rare case scenario where the GS2 EC PH Monitor stops the WiFi connection?

In that case, all of the data is stored onto the on-board memory, and as such, nothing is lost.

The moment your device gets back online, all of the newly generated data is instantly uploaded to the big data platform, otherwise known as the cloud, and you can easily view and monitor it with ease.

This will leave you with a lot of peace of mind, knowing that no data can ever be lost.

Specifications of the Ubibot GS2 EC PH Monitor

This monitor features an internal 2900 mAh lithium battery which can be charged through the usage of the latest Type-C USB Cable, or DC 5-12V power supply.

However, since the adapter that goes into the wall socket is different across the entire world, you will receive the USB cable only, which you can connect to your phone’s charger. As to the DC 5-12V charger, please prepare one in your local store if needed.

How Does This Monitor Connect With the Ubibot Network?

The device has WiFi capabilities, and as such, can wirelessly connect to your own personal or company network.

The connection supports up to 2.4 GHZ WiFi, and it is extremely stable.

But what does the device connect to?

It connects to the revolutionary, Big Data based Ubibot IoT platform, that can seamlessly sync data from all Ubibot devices instantly right to your pocket.

What Are Some of the Advantages of the Ubibot IoT Platform?

The UbiBot IoT platform is a revolutionary way through which you can monitor any condition.

The sensors are synchronized with the UbiBot Platform through WiFi, without a need to invest in a separate hub, where you can then access that generated data through a smartphone or through an internet browser.

However, the data access does not stop just there, for example, let’s say you are monitoring something, and the device notices a sudden change, it can then notify you about this change through a pop-up notification directly from the application itself, through a phone call, or through an SMS, so even if your phone is offline, you will know if something went wrong.