Ubibot IOT Based Device Support Intelligent Retirement Life

Retirement life, the point in our lives where we just want to relax for a bit, and forget about the troubles of this world. After all, you have probably dedicated a lifetime in the fulfillment of some goal, and as such, you have been rewarded tremendously. Now you probably have children, and even grandchildren and all you want to do is spend as much time with them as possible.

However, with old age, you can also expect to have a bit more issues than usual. For example, your body cannot handle too much heat anymore, and it also cannot handle too much cold, so you ideally want to keep the room’s temperature, and humidity, to an ideal level at all times.

What this leads you with is with quite the conundrum, as you want to keep everything in check, but do not want to constantly get up, check some meter out there to let you know what is happening, so is there a solution to this issue?

How UbiBot Can Help

Throughout the past few decades, when it comes to developments made in the humidity and temperature device industry, we are happy to report that there have been some developments which are specifically made to assist seniors, and, well, people in their retirement, so they do not have to deal with many of the complexities associated with home care.

This comes in the form of the UbiBot WS1, and the UbiBot WS1 Pro.

The UbiBot WS1

This is an industrial-grade sensor which works seamlessly in order to give you some of the most accurate sensing of environmental conditions, and it even has an external temperature probe which is optional and allows you to monitor liquids, soils and other environments.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro

The main difference between the original WS1 and the Pro model is the fact that it has a screen on it which instantly tells you everything you need to know. This means that you could be sitting on your couch, or simply passing along a room and for a split second view all of the temperature and humidity information you are interested in learning more about.

It has state-of-the-art environmental monitoring and uses the latest IoT technologies.

This means that It can collect data in real-time just about anywhere in the world through the usage of built-in mobile data and WiFi.

How the UbiBot IoT Platform Changes Things for the Better

So now you might be thinking, this all sounds swell, however, what makes the UbiBot line of monitoring devices any different from any other brand out there, after all, you have probably seen monitoring devices with screens on them for a decade now.

Well, this is where the UbiBot IoT platform mixes things up, and streamlines the entire process for the sake of your convenience.

The UbiBot IoT Platform

This platform is designed to be accessible from just about anywhere through the usage of the UbiBot smartphone application or through a web browser commonly found on your desktop or laptop machine.

It automates the data storage and analysis process and allows you to set real-time alerts.

These alerts can then be received in multiple ways, including:

  • If you have access to the internet, the application itself will send you push notifications which will prompt a sound on your phone, alerting you if any humidity and temperature changes have occurred based on your specific preferences.
  • If you are the kind of person who does, for whatever reason, not want to install the application, you can also be alerted through email notification, and as such, you can receive 200 free alerts per device per month.
  • If you are offline for whatever reason, you can also receive these notifications in the form of a phone call where an automated message will play, or through an SMS where you will receive a text basically that informs you about the changes.

All of the data can be synched, logged and automated to be added to a Google Spreadsheet, which is a part of the Google Services on offer.

All of this together makes the UbiBot IoT platform one of the smartest platforms out there when it comes to temperature monitors in the world.

Once the monitor picks up any change, it will upload this information and sync it with the UbiBot IoT platform, after which you will be alerted of these changes yourself.

However, there are times where your home WiFi network will go offline, and as such, the UbiBot devices are smartly designed to the point where they wills tore the data offline, in their internal storage, until the network picks up again. You will be instantly notified of all of the changes that have occurred while the device was not connected to any network.

The application itself has a wide variety of features as-well, such as multi-channel configurable alerts, and advanced alert options. Best of all, it has data sharing, which means that you can share all of this information and make it accessible to your relatives, or significant other.

As a senior in retirement, the chances are high that you will want your room to remain the same optimal temperature for as long as possible, and instead of getting up and checking it, you can simply view all of the data from the convenience of your smartphone. This is essentially what makes the UbiBot Line of devices perfect for retirement life as a whole.

If you have older parents and are looking for the perfect gift, this is just what they might need as it will allow them to have a higher level of convenience than ever before, and hey, if you are in retirement and reading this, maybe consider making your home a little bit smarter, one UbiBot device at a time.