Chicken Farm Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

When it comes to boiler chicken, it is a livestock which is characterized by growing extremely fast. As such, temperature and humidity are some of the most important factors that need to be considered during growth. Unmonitored and uncontrolled temperature and humidity, within a cage, can lead to reduced productivity and a high rate of mortality.

The chicken farm monitoring system which is developed by UbiBot is based on wireless communication in order to transfer data using a wireless module which is combined with the sensors which enable it to detect humidity and temperature levels within a given room. This system as such is focused on collecting ,storing and controlling all of the information of the chicken farm so that the high quality and quantity of the meal production can be the main focus.

As such, it solves several problems in the farm, and it helps in finishing a project within a given time period and time frame.

As such, we can come to the conclusion that a climate in poultry houses influences the wellbeing and health of both the humans, as well as the birds.

Respiratory, digestive and behavioral disorders are more likely to occur in houses in which the climatic conditions do not live up to the desired standard. The efficiency with which feed is unutilized is related to the health and the status of the flock itself.

As such, animals which are not healthy cannot be expected to perform as optimally as one which are healthy.

There are certain factors that need to be measured including the temperature and the relative humidity.

When it comes to the temperature, on average, the body temperature of birds is between 41°C and 42.2°C, and the body temperature needs to be kept constant and regulated by part of the chicken brain. This part of the brain is comparable to a thermostat.

As such, the UbiBot line of devices is here to solve some of these issues and ensure that the chicken have the best possible environment to be productive in when it comes to both temperature and humidity.

The UbiBot Line of Devices Which can help

The UbiBot WS1

The UbiBot WS1 is a Wi-Fi enabled device which can continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and much more. The WS1 will give you insights into the conditions of your home, office, or in this specific case, your laboratory. It is top of its class and comes with an application that allows you to control everything and set specific parameters.

The UbiBot WS1 Pro

The UbiBot WS1 Pro is better than the WS1 due to the fact that it has an LCD screen which gives you the information at a glance, even before you open up the UbiBot IoT platform. It can connect through both mobile data and Wi-Fi, and allow you to view the data from just about anywhere. However, aside from those benefits, it is a lot more sturdy in comparison.

The UbiBot GS1

The UbiBot GS1 is the same as the WS1 Pro, except for the fact that it has an industrial-grade build which makes it last and withstand harsh environment, and it even comes in a waterproof casing. This is by far a top of the line product out of all of the three options due to the fact that it is industrial-grade and nothing can really cause too much damage to it, making it last for the longest period of time when comparing it to the others.

The UbiBot IoT Platform and its Usage

One of the main reasons as to why the UbiBot line of devices is perfect for chicken farm temperature and humidity monitoring is due to the fact that it connects to the UbiBot IoT platform.

Imagine the IoT platform as a cloud that all of the devise connect with.

This cloud basically stores all of the data, and provides it to you through the official UbiBot Application.

Now, within this application, you can set specific temperature and humidity guidelines that need to be followed, and the moment your specific measurements are bypassed, and there is a drastic change in both the temperature and the humidity of the environment, you are alerted.

You can be alerted in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Through a push notification from the application itself – this allows you to be alerted unlimited times
  • Through an email notification – this allows you to receive up to 200 emails per months, and it stacks which each device you own, so if you own 10 devices, its 2000 free emails per months, and the rest come at an additional cost.
  • Through a phone call – ideal for when you do not have access to the internet
  • Through an SMS – again, ideal for when you do not have access to the internet, but still want to be alerted.

The beauty of it is the fact that you can also connect it with Google Spreadsheets, so every data log is securely and perfectly kept in sheets which you can review at any given time.

Aside from that if you want to future proof your farm, you might want to know that it is fully supported with Google home and Amazon Alexa as-well, ensuring that you can change some settings in the sensors through the use of your voice for example.

However, we assume that you are not the kind of person who runs this chicken farm on your own, and ideally, you probably have an entire group of people by your side helping you out.

Another beauty of the UbiBot IoT platform is the fact that you can share this data with just about anyone else, and they can review the data in real time from their own smart devices.

Speaking of devices, the platform is fully supported to run on mobile devices from the usage of an application, or through a web browser which can be access from just about any modern computer or laptop, making things really accessible to just about anyone.