UbiBot Launched a New Product Known as The Smart Plug 1

UbiBot Smart Plug SP1 Detailed

The Smart Plug 1 or SP1 essentially helps you make any ordinary appliance, into a smart appliance that is connected to the Internet of Things. This means that that device, will in turn become intelligence. The Smart plug works through connecting it to the cloud platform using Wi-Fi technology, or in some cases even a mobile network. The network status, as well as timing and linkage to other connected devices can be set on the platform in order to achieve this high degree of intelligence.

Now, let us imagine a scenario where you connect a device to a Wi-Fi or a mobile network by using the Smart Plug SP1. The device transmits the data to the cloud IoT platform, in real time, and you can log in to the platform in order to fully setup as well as check the device status at any time, wherever you might be. This is done through the usage of the UbiBot mobile application that works with any modern smartphone or tablet. It even supports custom alerts and settings, that allow you to monitor the status of your environment.

The External Sensors Explained

The External Sensors Explained

The Smart Plug SP1 even comes with two external sensor interfaces. These are known as the RS485 and the DS18B20 communication protocols. This powerful expansion can increase the product’s functions, and make it usable in much more use-scenarios as a result.

This means that you can connect it to the following sensors:

  • TH30S-B temperature and Humidity Probe
  • Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor
  • DS18B20 Temperature Probe
  • PT-100 Temperature probe
  • CO2 Probe
  • Wind Speed Probe

Now, you might be asking yourself at this point, this is excellent, but what if I live in a part of the world where it cannot be connected to my wall socket?

To ease your mind and answer your question, the Smart Plug SP1 is designed in multiple versions and standards, including:

  • European Standard
  • French Standard
  • International Standard
  • Australian Standard
  • American Standard
  • Japanese Standard
  • British Standard

It also has a Child Protection Design that prevents children from accidentally being able to put metal objects inside of these devices, such as keys, silverware and others. The device is also 750℃ high temperature flame resistant, which makes it safer and of a higher quality as a result.

Smart Plug SP1

The Intelligence of the Smart Plug SP1

By now you might have noticed that we threw around the word “intelligence” a lot, and its high-time you figured out exactly what that implies. You see, the Smart Plug SP1 can be directly connected to the big data platform of the Internet of Things through wireless Wi-Fi or Mobile Networks. This data is then collected by devices and external sensors, and is uploaded in real time. This data can then also be access and used in various terminals of the IoT platform, including phones and tables as a mobile app or computers through the use of a web app.

Basically, imagine your device connected to the Smart Plug SP1. While that device is connected, it generates a stream of data, this stream of data then gets transferred through Wi-Fi or mobile data onto the UbiBot IoT platform, where you can access the data in real time. The more SP1 devices you have in your home, the more data is generated, and you can view all of the readings from the device in your pocket at any time.

Use-Cases of the Smart Plug SP1

The Smart Plug SP1 can be used in a wide variety of industries as locations, such as in a Greenhouse, in a Warehouse and Factory, and in a Wine Cellar as well as any home in order to make it a smart home.

Let’s start with the Greenhouse. Imagine that you are responsible for the management of a greenhouse, once you connect an external temperature and humidity sensor to the SP1, the data that is collected can be used to control the temperature and humidity, by switching the thermostat on or off in order to ensure the perfect plating environment for your various plants.

Moving on to the Warehouse and Factory usage, imagine that the lighting equipment there is connected to the SP1, and you can se the power off time on the mobile app in order to reduce your electracy bills. With this external sensor, you will not have to imagine this anymore and in turn create it into your reality and have the perfect warehouse that will not drain your wallet without need.

If you are a type of person that has a wine cellar, you have the ability to connect your cellar ventilation system to the SP1. Next, you can set the cycle time on the mobile app, and in turn be able to turn on or off the ventilation every 2 hours for around 10 minutes. This will allow you a lot more control over your wine cellar, and as such, turn what was something simple, into something truly intelligence.

Now we come to the main part that we genuinely feel like most people will get the most value off of, and this is the smart home implementation. The SP1 can be used for electric power off protection, as well as battery protection. For example, if you are not using a piece of equipment, but it is still connected to a wall, you can program the device through the UbiBot mobile application to turn off the equipment or device in question after 2 hours of inactivity. The Strobe light as well as the siren alarm can also be connected externally, and this will in turn help you avoid any electrical incidents as a result, making it a truly smart home.

There are endless usages for the UbiBot Smart Plug SP1, and it will highly depend on your specific use-cases as well as needs, but if you truly want to turn any room smart, this is the perfect way of doing so and gaining actual control of what is happening in that room remotely.