Monitor Products at a Supermarket or Restaurant Fridge through the Usage of UbiBot Products

When monitoring products at a supermarket or at a restaurant refrigerator, the chances are high that you need a device capable of doing so. Keep in mind that in a refrigerator, the temperatures can go low, and as such, you need devices that are capable of surviving those temperatures.

Now, why is the temperature important?

Food needs to remain frozen or at a certain temperature in order for it to not spoil and be tasty. If food spoils, it could potentially make people sick or just taste horribly. This is why it is always an important aspect to store it in a refrigerator that actually works and does its job well.

However, in many restaurants or even stores, people just leave the fridge unattended. What would happen if there was a power outage that the owner was not aware of, and the food spoiled? What would happen if nobody was alerted of the change, in order to move the food to a different location? What if all of this could have been avoided? Well, there is where the UbiBot line of devices can actually help in making this a reality. You see, the UbiBot devices are specifically made to measure humidity as well as temperature in even the most intense of location, and it has a wide family of devices available.

The unique selling factor of this and the main reason why they are so desirable is due to the fact that they offer access to the UbiBot IoT platform, that is essentially a platform connected to the internet all the time through a cloud service. This in turn allows any user to view the data in real time and even set up custom alerts. However, before we dive deeper into that, let us first look at the products that are available.

The UbiBot Line of Devices

There are many UbiBot devices available, however in this specific case we will be talking about the three main ones in the lineup, and these are the UbiBot WS1, the UbiBot WS1 Pro, and the UbiBot GS1.

UbiBot WS1 – This device is a WiFi-enabled device that continuously monitors the temperature as well as the humidity within a room. It allows you to access all of this information through the UbiBot IoT platform and even has the ability to store data offline if the need ever occurs.

UbiBot WS1 Pro – This is like the previous device, except it is better. This is due to the fact that it has a large LCD screen which gives you insights into all of the data at a glance. This will mean that you will not have to constantly check the app to see the temperature as well as the humidity levels within a room.

UbiBot GS1 – This is like the Pro, except it is specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. It can also connect through an Ethernet cable, which is excellent for locations without WiFi or mobile data access.

These devices are specifically designed to ensure better connection as well as higher performance through the usage of large-capacity lithium batteries for long standby time. They also integrate well with external antennas for stable WiFi connections, and the devices can even be embedded with RS485 interfaces for multiple types of external probes.

The UbiBot IoT Platform

When it comes to this IoT platform, we keep mentioning, well it is a big deal due to the fact that it offers a high level of customizability as well as support. You see, the main difference between these humidity and temperature monitors as compared to any of the other ones which are available on the market as a whole is the fact that these specifically have access to this IoT platform and once connected to the internet, can connect to a cloud where the data they collect can be synched and given to you with ease.

This is done through the usage of the UbiBot Application itself. You see, once you download and install the application on your iOS or Android supported device, or simply access the web version of the web app through the usage of just about any device out there through the usage of an internet browser, you have access to all of the information you will ever need when it comes to the humidity level as well as the temperature within the supermarket or restaurant refrigerator.

This will in turn tell you at all times everything you need to know about a specific refrigerator in terms of what the temperature is like.

However, what really comes in handy is the fact that, aside from collecting this data, you can also set up custom alerts. These alerts allow you to know exactly when the temperature rises. Let us be more clear for a second. Let’s say your ideal temperature is at -10 C, so you want it to remain that way for a long time, and the temperature suddenly rises to +30 C without you noticing. Well, you can set a custom notification on the application itself that will alert you the moment this happens so you can instantly run towards the fridge and resolve any issue it might have, or simply move the food itself to a different location which will save you a lot of money as you will not lose out on any of the food or drinks that needed to remain cold at all times.

Best of all, there are multiple ways through which you can be alerted, and these can be done through free push notifications and emails as well as through SMS, Phone Calls and other solutions out there. The data can all be synced through the Google Suite that allows you to have detailed reports on the humidity and temperature of the refrigerator on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which always comes in handy, and you can even connect it to voice-activated devices so you can control the device remotely.