UbiBot New Launched Product GS2

If you want to make several simultaneous measurements through the usage of different kinds of devices and sensors from different brands at the same time can be difficult due to the crosstalk between the sensors. The conditions at different locations in plant beds also differ, and measurements need to be done in smaller, localized areas.

Another bad side of using multiple devices is the fact that each and every one of them needs to be manually calibrated, all of the data gained from those sensors need to also manually be written down in order to be analyzed, and as a result, all of this will end up eating a lot out of your day.

Imagine waking up every day only to have to go to each individual device, measuring the data, and analyzing if your plants will grow at the rate that they should.

Aside from EC/PH measurements, you always need to be on the lookout for agriculture and food transfer needs is temperature and humidity. All of these factors have an effect on exactly how the food will survive the transfer process, and all of this needs to be measured non-stop in order to gain the most efficient results.

So this leaves people with an issue, how do you monitor EC/PH and temperature and humidity while also keeping all of the information synced and easy to read, from just about anywhere?

The UbiBot GS2

The UbiBot GS2 is a series of devices that retain the sturdy shell and durability characteristics of their predecessors, but is completely overhauled to be a different kind of device. It is now an EC and PH value monitoring device that is specifically designed for the agricultural hydroponic industry.

Through the connection of an external EC or PH probes, the readings can be monitored as well as displayed on the large LCD screen for an instant view. After the configuration process is completed through Wi-Fi, the readings can be synched through the platform for storage and online data analysis, alert triggers, and so on. We will discuss the full power of the UbiBot IoT as we move along. There are also on-board knobs that even allow you to accurately calibrate the EC and PH probe by immersing the probe tip into the solutions, which makes it easy to operate and allows it to be friendly to new users.

With the usage of the UbiBot GS2, you are essentially getting a 24/7 temperature and humidity sensor, and through the RS485 interface, you are getting the EC and PH value probe. You can even have multiple power supply methods.

Now, the main difference between the first model aside from the better display is of-course the fact that it has an internal storage capacity that is much larger than the original and comes to 300.000 records in total. This means that, let us assume the internet connection drops, but you do not want the device to stop storing and generating newly acquired data, well, it keeps all of that data in records, out of which 300.000 can be stored offline. The very moment the internet connection comes back, all of that data that was stored offline will sync with the UbiBot IoT platform and as such, you will end up keeping track of everything without ever skipping a beat as to how your room is doing in terms of EC, PH, temperature and humidity measurements.

The UbiBot IoT Platform

Think of the UbiBot IoT platform as this cloud. Okay, once you have that idea in your head, imagine the UbiBot GS2 and any other UbiBot Device you own, connected to that cloud through the usage of an internet connection, which is most commonly in the form of a Wi-Fi connection. Now, that cloud is essentially a server located somewhere in the world. You can then download and install the UbiBot application on your mobile smartphone, tablet, or even open it directly on the web through the usage of a PC or Laptop if that is better for you.

This essentially lets you access the data and view everything you require, from EC and PH values to temperature as well as humidity. Now, let us assume that you want to share this data with someone, maybe a colleague or a friend; well, this is also a viable option available to you.

The way these devices and this platform stands out is in the way that they inform you.

Let us assume that you want to keep a certain temperature within a room at the same percentage throughout the entire day and night. You can set up a custom alert to alert you if the temperature shifts. This is also the case for the EC and PH values.

Now, the way you can get informed is as followed, you can receive a push notification on your phone that is free, or a free email as well to keep you in the loop. While this is excellent for a lot of people, you always have that % of people who are always offline or do not have regular access to mobile internet, so what do they do?

They can also receive an SMS or a Phone Call notification; however, these, while originally free, after a certain amount of alerts, will start to have a fee associated with them. However, this is an excellent way to stay informed even if you end up being offline and just want everything in that room to survive for as long as possible.

Another piece of information that you need to know about the GS2 is that it has an internal 2900 mAh battery that can be charged through a Type-C USB cable and a DC 5-12V power supply. However, since adapters do change throughout the entirety of the world, you are only provided with the USB cable and can use your phone’s charger to do the work for you. With all of that being said the GS2 should prove to be extremely effective in measuring EC and PH as well as temperature and humidity.