How the Ubibot Device and Platform Could Guarantee Vaccine’s Storage During Its Develop and Transportation

Just as with any medical equipment out there or any vaccine, doctors, researchers, and transportation experts must know some things.


From the very moment that they are developed, vaccines and the equipment there need to be monitored at all times, or in other words, the room needs to remain at a specific level of both temperature and humidity.

This can be done through the following Ubibot devices:

The Wireless Smart Sensor WS1

The Wireless Smart Sensor WS1 Pro

The Wireless Smart Multi-Sensor Device GS1

That being the case, when it comes to monitoring the vaccines, aside from the development process, there is also the transportation process that we need to worry about.


Specifically, let’s look at the COVID-19 vaccine storage and handling file to see what they are required to know.

  • ll of the ult and freezer storage units that will be storing the COVID-19 vaccine must be set up to stabilize temperatures at the recommended temperature range specified by the manufacturer before placing any vaccine into the unit.
  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: The unit’s internal temperature should be stabilized between -80C to -60C (-112F to -76F) before stocking the vaccine. Recommended storage temperature is -70C.
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine: The internal temperature of the unit should be stabilized at -25C to -15C (-13F to +5F) before stocking the vaccine. Recommended storage temperature is -20C.
  • Monitor temperatures for 2 to 7 consecutive days.

In other words, the people transporting the vaccines need always to be aware of their temperature.

This is where the Ubibot Internet of Things Platform can truly shine.

So, here’s the thing. Any device out there can be created to monitor the humidity and the temperature of a given room. However, what makes the Ubibot line of devices special is how they use that information and how they transfer that information to someone who is required to know it at all times.

This is why Ubibot has developed its very own Internet of Things platform. This is essentially a big data, analytics, and visualization platform that enables you to maximize the value of IoT for vaccine transportation. You, and everyone else you permit them to, can gain access to data management, unlimited storage, an Open API, analytics and visualizations, real-time alerts, and a high level of security.

The Ubibot Internet of Things Platform

Let’s discuss the real-time alerts for a second here and their use case. Now, imagine that throughout the development or the transportation part of the vaccines, the temperature would suddenly drop or rise, depending on the situation. Here, through this method, you would essentially be able to get an alert, on your smartphone or laptop, in an instant, so you or someone you know can instantly react and save the vaccines. You see, every single vaccine out there has the potential to save a life, and many countries throughout the world lack access to these vaccines because the demand is much greater than the supply, so the last thing the manufacturers of these vaccines, as well as the governments, want is to lose any of them due to a lack of information about their storage as well as transportation.

Through the IoT platform, you can manage all of the IoT devices from a single platform.

This means that if you have four trucks moving to different cities, and all of the devices in them are connected to the internet and can stream the data to the IoT platform, you can monitor each and every one of them from a single screen.

When something flashes in the red zone, you will know and instantly call the truck driver to stop and handle the situation accordingly.

But things get a lot more interesting. When the devices are deployed in multiple locations such as this, the IoT platform also offers an advanced map view that shows all of your devices and allows you to make direct comparisons on the screen. This means that you can pinpoint precisely where the transportation truck is and call anyone that you have envisioned to go to that location and hopefully resolve the issue, assuming the driver and an expert with him do not have the ability to do so at the time of the occurrence.

When it comes to alerts, the best way you can view them is, as mentioned, through the official mobile or web app. However, let’s assume for a moment that you need to rest and are not in front of them. Let’s take you are out and traveling; how do you know when something goes wrong, as something can go wrong at any time?

This is where the advanced alerts come into the picture. The Ubibot IoT connected devices notice an issue. You get notified with push notifications or an email, assuming your device is connected to an internet connection. However, if it is not, you can also receive notifications through SMS or Call; however, keep in mind that these have a fee associated with them. That being said, at the end of the day, week, month, or year you will receive a full report of the temperature as well as the humidity across all of the Ubibot devices that you own through Google’s Spreadsheets, so you always have a perspective as to what the temperature and humidity were like for the vaccines at any point in time.