Keep Your Food Safe in Coming Summer

Summer is a time of joy, happiness, sitting at the beach, drinking a cold martini, and enjoying the sunset. However, for some of us out there, we still need to figure out ways to monitor the things we leave at home or keep our food as safe as possible so it does not spoil. With summers becoming a lot warmer than ever before, our food must be kept as safe as possible, both in our home and throughout its transportation process.

Most fresh foods have to be stored in the refrigerator to delay their deterioration and decomposition. The most basic rule you need to follow goes like this: raw store products below, never above, your cooked or ready-to-eat products. Keep foods at four °C (39°F) or colder, the safe temperature for refrigerated storage. But how do you monitor this both while you are at home and away from your home? Well, there’s a solution for everything.

Luckily for you, Ubibot is a company that specializes in developing professional gear that is up to the task, and today we’ll be discussing three products that are exceptional at keeping your food safe.

The Wireless Smart Sensor WS1

The Ubibot WS1 is an advanced IoT sensor built with industrial-grade components and can measure temperature, humidity, and ambient light. The WS1 also allows you to monitor your environment in real-time wirelessly and gives you remote access to your data wherever you are in the world. All of this data is automatically synchronized to a big data platform through WiFi.

The Wireless Smart Sensor WS1 Pro

The Ubibot WS1 Pro is a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system that takes advantage of the latest IoT technologies. You can collect environmental data in real-time and automatically synchronize all of the data to the Ubibot IoT platform through WiFi. It has a clear 4.4 screen that allows you to view all of your data instantly, and you can access all of your readings in real-time.

The Wireless Smart Multi-Sensor Device GS1

This is essentially quite similar to the WS1 Pro, except it is built for the most challenging conditions out there. It is IP 65 waterproof but not resistant to the high humidity of over 90%.
You get free apps and email alerts, instant data visualization through the LCD screen, data sync through WiFi & SIM connectivity, and 24/ temperature and humidity monitoring.

The Ubibot IoT Platform

But the devices by themselves can only read the data; the way you get the data to you at any time is through the Ubibot IoT platform.

This platform is designed to be the one-stop solution for all of your IoT needs, where you can manage all of your devices from a single location and take advantage of advanced analytics as well as visualization, dynamic alerts, and secure data storage to maximize the benefits of IoT for your business.

It offers you data management, where you can manage all of your IoT data in a single location, extract clear insights, and maximize your value. Best of all, you always retain complete control over your data. Next, you get unlimited cloud-based storage which will ensure that you never run out of space, and this will allow you to view all of your historical data through the app or browser. Then you have the Open API, which is available through the RESTful API that gives you full access to the platform. Here, you can essentially build your apps to access the data you need securely. Then you have analysis and visualization, where you can use robust analysis and visualization tools to get the most out of your information, spot trends, and make direct comparisons. Then you have real-time alerts, which is a system that will notify you by app notifications or emails as soon as any metrics cross the threshold you have set. The platform is also designed to keep all of your data secure, so you never have to worry about hackers or other security breaches.

You also get advanced device management, where you can manage all of your IoT devices from a single location. The platform can communicate with any other IoT sensor with network connectivity. This means that you can essentially streamline the process of sharing data, creating logical device groups, and getting the most out of all of your services.

What’s specifically interesting about it is the way through which you get this data. You can receive notifications through email, where you get 200 free alert emails per month, which are rotated every month. These are per device, which means that you get access to 2000 free email alerts if you own ten devices.

Then you have SMS and Call alerts, but these have a fee associated with them.

You also get detailed spreadsheets that showcase what kind of data you have generated daily, weekly, or monthly, so you are always aware of how your food has been maintained throughout the days.

This means that whenever your refrigerator starts acting weirdly and your food begins to suffer because of it, you can be notified before any damage is done to the food so you can take immediate action and resolve the issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This will save you a lot of food in the long term, and you will not be wasteful as a result.