UbiBot MS1 For Museum Security

In 2004, masked and armed robbers walked into the Munch Museum in Oslo and stole two incredibly important artworks, “Madonna” and “The Scream.” As a result of this event, to museum wanted to update its security measures and closed for about a year.

Public museums and galleries have quite a challenge when it comes to protecting valuable objects. They face a certain dilemma of allowing the visitors to see them and keeping the objects safe.

A person who is a private collector of priceless objects can store those objects in a vault and hide them from people. However, that’s not the role of museums. Museums need to do the exact opposite. Museums need to be open for visitors so they can look at the objects.

Museums and exhibitions have always been facing challenges in terms of security. One useful tip is being careful where and how you place different objects inside the museum. The most valuable objects that your museums own shouldn’t be placed on the out corners of the building. Even though you can place alarms in the building, no one responsible for alarm response will be fast enough to react in an adequate manner since the burglar can take the objects out in less than a minute.

Benefits of Proper Museum Security Equipment

What are the advantages of using good museum security equipment?

Protection from Vandalism

It is a sad reality that sometimes people cause damage to a piece of artwork when they are displayed right in front of them. Having a movement sensor can discourage acts of vandalism and help workers at the museum identify any potential dangers.

Theft protection

A motion sensor will closely be monitoring the main area of the museum, storage rooms, and other places and watching out for any activity that is suspicious. This function of the motion sensor will help you avoid theft.

There is also a possibility that employee theft will happen at your museum. A motion sensor will discourage your employees from any suspicious moves.

Remote viewing

Lastly, proper museum security equipment will allow you to remote view the internet.

How can UbiBot Help?

The UbiBot MS1 is a compact and powerful monitoring and security system which can be used in exhibitions and museums. It efficiently protects artworks and exhibits from vandalism, theft, or physical contact.

In case a person touches a monitored object, the UbiBot MS1 will be able to detect it, and you will receive an alert in real-time. Besides security, you can use this device to measure the density of people coming in and out of your museum.

UbiBot MS1 can reliably detect any physical contact a person has with an object, like tapping or opening doors in antique furniture.

The use of UbiBot MS1 Is flexible, fast, and cost-effective. Damages to your museum through carelessness, vandalism, or theft can be significantly reduced. It provides complete protection through multi-sensor surveillance, and it is able to detect approaches before a contact happens.

The UbiBot MS1 is ideal for temporary and permanent exhibitions, and you have access to it through your smartphone from all over the world. The installation process is pretty straightforward and easy.

The UbiBot MS1 supports RJ45 Ethernet cable connection and Wi-Fi. This motion sensor can accurately sense even the slightest motion of people. The motion sensor should be installed in a place that has a wide field of view. You can download the trigger log anywhere and anytime since it is recorded on the IoT cloud platform of UbiBot.

POE network ensures real-time update, stability, and much easier deployment. It supports POE, USB power supply, or 220V power supply. Several ways of power supply and communications fit different monitoring environments, thus reducing the rate of wiring.

To realize remote security supervision, the MS1 supports various alert modes and alert rules. The sensors have a reasonable and efficient algorithm that reduces the number of false positives. The false alert rate is as low as 0.3%. The alerts are received in real-time. The data of motion from people can be accessed through computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices connected to the internet.

The installation of the motion sensor is quite easy. It can be glued with a double-sided adhesive to any wall surface that’s smooth, or it can be placed directly in the monitoring area. Another option is hanging the motion sensor on the wall using screws. The sensor will easily blend into the environment due to the fact that its surface is warm white and matte, so you can be sure it won’t stick out.

The devices that are produced by UbiBot have received several certifications, including RoHS, IC, FCC, and CE. The devices also work in accordance with all the relevant stands for Wi-Fi and GSM devices. Since UbiBot complies with all of these regulations, its devices are sold in many major markets, including the EU and the USA.