UbiBot MS1 For Hospitals

A motion sensor, also known as a motion detector, is an electronic device created to measure and detect the movement of its surroundings. Motion sensors are primarily used in business security systems and homes, but they are also used in virtual reality systems, game consoles, paper towel dispenses, phones, and many other places.

Today, we will look at one way to use a motion sensor, and that is to ensure security at a hospital. A motion sensor can be especially useful in the isolation ward in hospitals. By monitoring the isolation ward, you will be able to prevent extraneous persons’ go in and out of the isolation area.

The aim of a motion sensor is to sense a movement and send an alert to your control panel, which will alert the monitoring center. Motion sensors also react to several different situations, such as window breaking, windows or doors closing or opening, or movement in the room.

Some common uses for motion sensors are to save energy by powering light in the area only when they are needed, detect if a potential intruder is inside a space or near a space you are monitoring (in our case, the hospital), and alert you if people enter restricted areas (the isolation ward).

Some other uses for motion sensors include to close and open automatic doors, to control ATM displays, to turn automatic toilets and water faucets on and off, for some parking meters, and at automatic ticket gates.

Where to Place the Motion Sensor in Your Hospital?

Motion sensors have a limited range of distance they cover, so to maximize your security coverage, you will need to work with a professional to decide where is the best place to install them. As with burglar alarm installations, fire alarms, and security cameras, you want to ensure that a certain area is secure as possible. To do this, you need to place the device and its components in a strategic way.

In case you’re installing the motion sensor on your own, we will offer some tips that might help you. Firstly, place the sensor in a high traffic area in the isolation ward. If you want to catch a person who’s trying to sneak in or out of the isolation ward, you’re going to want to install the sensor in a stairwell or hallway or another location where people frequently walkthrough.

Another useful tip is to install sensors near points for entry. You can specifically locate them on windows and doors. Remember not to block the sensors. If the sensor is obstructed, it won’t work properly. Try to install the sensor in an area that is clear of any objects that might block the sensor. Lastly, after you’re done with the installation of your sensor, make sure you clean it of any debris and dust and be sure that you clean it every once in a while.

How Can UbiBot MS1 Help?

The UbiBot MS1 strives for perfection and offers very innovative technology. Any slight movement made by humans can be detected with the help of this decision. The log of the triggers is recorded on the cloud platform of UbiBot, which allows you to export the data reports remotely anywhere and anytime.

The motion sensor support RJ45 Ethernet cable connection and Wi-Fi. Different monitoring environments are suitable for multiple ways of power supply and communications, which can reduce the rate of wiring.

With this device, you will be able to remotely suprvise your hospital, thanks to the various alert modes it supports. The false alert rate of this device is as low as 0.3%, and it offers instant status reports.

You will be able to install the motion sensor in your hospital without any hassle. You can place it in the area you want to monitor or glue it to a smooth surface wall using an adhesive that is double-sided. The third option is using crews to hang it on the wall. The device will easily blend with the surrounding of the hospital since the device is a warm white color and matte.

Are you wondering what the benefits of this motion sensor are? The device is pretty easy and straightforward to set up. If you need to reposition your motion sensor to another area of your hospital, there aren’t any wires that will cause a hassle for you.

This device doesn’t depend on the power grid of your object but instead uses its own batteries to power it. This means that if there is a power outage or a blackout, you can be sure that any people won’t sneak out or in the isolation ward since the motion sensor will still be in full functionality.

The sensor has a variety of options for installation, and it is designed to be able to fit any type of flat surface. A person won’t be able to easily sabotage the security system by cutting the wires of the sensor since this motion sensor doesn’t have wires that can be cut.

To install the motion sensor, all you need to do is unbox it, decide on the location with the help of the tips we’ve offered above, mount the sensor, connect it to the system, and you’re set to go. As we mentioned, debris and dust will collect on the screen of the motion sensor over time, and this can influence the sensor, making it less effective. For this reason, you need to clean it every couple of months with a slightly damp or dry microfiber cloth.