Monitoring Spa Temperature By UbiBot WS1

A few things in life make us as happy as a soak in the hot tub, a refreshing swim, or relaxing a couple of minutes in a personal steam room or sauna. To get the most out of the experience, you need to monitor the temperature and humidity.

Benefits Of a Home Spa

Below, we will go over the benefits of a home spa.

Slows Down Aging

A lot of people go to the spa and spend a lot of money on it due to the anti-aging qualities it offers. While most of the spa treatments offered by facilities offer facials, it can be very costly to find a spa that offers an age reversal treatment and full-body rejuvenation.

Instead of spending a big portion of your budget, you can instead get a home spa treatment that is personalized for you and will give you anti-aging therapy and rejuvenation for your entire body, both inside and out. This is a much better option than just focusing on one single area, like your face.

Good for Skincare

Skin benefits are something that goes in tandem with the effect of anti-aging that spas offer. By soaking up the waters from your home spa on a regular basis, you will get a natural firmness and slowness to your skin. Adding gentle exfoliating treatments and minerals to the spa water or just applying them directly to your skin while you’re in the spa can greatly benefit your skin.

You can get clean and polished skin, your pores will be refined, your skin will benefit from the regeneration of cells, and you will cleanse yourself from pollution and harmful irritants. In addition, absorbing oxygen can promote the creation of new skin cells by removing dead skin cells. Having a spa in your own home will give your skin a break from the pollution that the city creates and all the stress you go through the day.

Improves Blood Circulation

The jets and the heat from the home spa relax the tissues around arthritic joints and improve blood flow. Inflammation and stiffness can be reduced by improved circulation around the joints. Immersing in a hot spa gets blood to move around the body and can reduce discomfort, bruises, and swelling, and this is especially helpful for muscle injuries and pains.

Also, the functioning of the heart can benefit from improved blood circulation around the body. The heart can start functioning at optimum levels due to the improved circulation of blood around the body. A home spa can definitely be beneficial for people that have cardiovascular conditions.

Better Sleep

People who struggle with sleeping will surely benefit from having a home spa. Water or air jets give you that focused massage, specifically in areas with discomfort and stiffness. Your blood pressure is lowered, your muscles are relaxed, and your heart rate is normalized, and all of these things contribute to a comfortable and light feeling of your body which will result in getting a good night’s sleep.

Stress Relief

One of the main reasons why people use spas is to be able to relax. Imagine yourself sitting and soaking in warm water while you’re at home. Doing this will do wonders for your well-being. It is an amazing way to get rid of all the bad energy that was caused by stress from school, work, or any other activity that you did throughout the day.

Stress can manifest in many ways, including tightening of the neck and stiffening of the muscles around the shoulder, and a quick dip in the spa can quickly relieve this stress.

Improves Mood

You can lighten your mood by having a regular spa session. Considering all the work pressure, deadlines, and tight schedules we face during the day, this can truly be a blessing. You can gain back your vibrant and positive mood and loosen up by having a schedule dip in your spa.

Your happiness levels will rise due to the release of serotonin, which is the body’s feel-good chemical, that is associated with having a good mood and being happy. The best thing is the effects of the spa last relatively long. You will feel positive and happy the whole day, and even in the following next days after you’ve taken some time for yourself.

How Can UbiBot Help?

People using a hot tub usually prefer the temperature in the range of 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The WS1 by UbiBot is able to measure temperature and humidity with its internal sensors. You will be able to monitor your spa in real-time, and you will have access to all of this data from your web console or app. You can use your computer, tablet, or iOS or Android phone to view the data in graphs.