The Importance of Having a Cleanroom

Any industry where small particles interfere with manufacturing processes needs cleanroom panels within their systems. They control the contamination level as well as humidity, pressure and temperature in various factories.

Most cleanrooms differ in size and complexity in that setting, such as those of a biotech or pharmaceutical industries have more controlled environments than others. Remember that many things can contaminate production including people, equipment, facilities and even the manufacturing processes.

The electronic, high-tech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aero space, medical and many other industries depend on cleanroom technology. As products such as cell phone circuit boards become smaller, the chance of contamination in manufacturing becomes higher. For pharmaceutical companies, clean, safe and contaminant-free products are imperative to manufacturing and distributing a viable product.

The most effective way to ensure your room maintains its day to day cleanliness is to establish daily maintenance routines. Regular routines, while working, serve to clear the room from particles introduced by cleanroom staff.

How Can UbiBot Help?

The UbiBot GS1 is embedded with internal humidity and temperature sensors, and it offers high-performing and stable monitoring of the environment, which is ideal for maintaining cleanroom’s environmental factors. We also provide mutiple types of external probe like Temperature & Humidity probe, CO2 monitor, Extreme temperature probe and Wind-speed sensor to meet your different needs. In addition, the UbiBot WS1 also allows you to set up real-time notifications, and if a certain metric goes outside the range that you’ve specified, the platform will notify you through HTTP, voice call, SMS text, and email. You can meet all your cleanroom monitoring needs by choosing UbiBot.