Benefits of Wi-Fi Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring Systems

The Benefits of Using Wi-Fi Type Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature monitoring systems have a crucial role in many industries. Most industries rely on temperature control, from laboratories to food industries, because the temperature can influence their products. The benefits of a refrigerator temperature monitoring system are huge, and they can have a crucial role in defining the quality of the product.

· You’ll get more than just temperature control

While maintaining the proper temperature is crucial, how will you solve the problems if you receive an alert about a temperature change? Most systems don’t do just basic temperature readings; they also give information about the humidity levels, the lighting, power outages, etc. This vital information makes a huge difference in maintaining perfect conditions. No matter where you are, you can access the monitoring system and check the freezers and refrigerators.

· You’ll reduce human error

Mistakes can happen, even if you have the most trained staff. People can make mistakes out of negligence or forgetfulness, but those mistakes can cause tons of money, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The monitoring systems will keep an eye on your products 24/7, so you’ll have better chances of avoiding mistakes. You’ll be instantly notified if there’s even the slightest temperature change.

· You’ll be faced with fewer compliance issues

Companies must meet a certain standard to satisfy the regulatory agencies. If a company fails to comply, it will face penalties and fines. If there is a serious violation, your company can even be shut down. The refrigerator temperature monitoring systems can help your business meet the requirements implied by the regulatory agencies. The Wi-Fi monitoring systems will track your products in every stage, from manufacturing, shipping, and storage; you’ll get detailed reports about the environmental conditions surrounding your products. This will show that your company complies with the regulatory standards from beginning to end.

· You’ll get detailed reports and analytics

Do you remember the days when people manually monitored the temperature and wrote it down on paper? That was ages ago, and thanks to technology, we can have all the information we need with just a simple click. Thanks to the temperature monitoring systems, you’ll be getting reports and valuable data that you can later use to improve the work of your storage facilities. The best part is that you can access the data anywhere, even if you’re miles away from the storage facility.

· You’ll save time and money

Manual temperature checkups take a lot of energy, time, and money. With a remote monitoring system, your employees can focus on other important tasks rather than always check the environmental conditions. You can see exactly what’s happening all the time, and if there’s any change, you’ll get a notification. When it comes to the cost, the monitoring system will pay for itself because it will help you eliminate product loss and waste. The bottom line is that it’s an investment worth making.

Industries That Need Temperature Monitoring

While many people haven’t even considered the need for Wi-Fi temperature monitoring systems, many industries rely on these systems.

Let’s look at some industries that can benefit from the monitoring systems.

Inventory Management

Many products are temperature and humidity sensors. If the products are not kept in an environment with the right environmental conditions, it can make the products go bad and lead to financial losses. Most companies that produce and sell temperature-sensitive products know they must keep them in temperature-controlled facilities. But what happens if there’s a sudden temperature change in the storage?

If the warehouse doesn’t have a proper temperature monitoring system, you wouldn’t know if something is wrong until it’s too late. This is where the wireless refrigerator monitoring system comes to the rescue. Anytime there’s a slight temperature change in the industrial freezer, you’ll get a notification. You’ll be able to track the temperature all the time and make changes if needed.

Laboratory and Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring

Testing sites, pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories must control the temperature 24/7 because it can have a devastating effect. Temperature plays a key role in keeping the integrity of the bio substances, and one slight temperature change can terminate the product’s efficiency. The worst part is not wasting the product, but the fact that if used, these pharma products, such as meds, vaccines, etc., can have a devastating effect on human health. To ensure safe conditions, a Wi-Fi refrigerator temperature monitoring system is a must in these facilities. The system will ensure that the products remain intact and always under the proper temperature.

Restaurants and Retail

Temperature can also have a devastating effect on food. Research shows more than 40 million cases of food poisoning yearly in the US. These numbers indicate how important it is for restaurants and retail businesses to think about food safety and find the proper ways to improve it. The Wi-Fi refrigerator temperature monitoring system comes to the rescue again. These systems will ensure that the food is properly handled under the right temperature during the preparation stage, storage, and transportation process.

How Can UbiBot Help?

The high demand for proper Wi-Fi temperature sensors made UbiBot develop the WS1-Pro WiFi device. The device uses signal transmission to upload the collected temperature data to a cloud platform. The cloud platform can be later used for advanced data analytics and management. The data can be viewed through any mobile phone or computer. WS1-Pro will monitor the environmental changes 24/7 and notify you instantly if there’s a slight change.

Additionally, the external temperature probe sensor called DS18B20 can be used in the freezer and refrigerator external probe. The probe adopts imported DS18B20 temperature sensor chip, each pin of the chip is separated by heat-shrinkable tube to prevent short circuit, internal sealing glue, waterproof and moisture-proof. High quality stainless steel tube package, waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof. Each probe is strictly tested 3.0~5.5V power supply, 9~12 bit adjustable resolution, wide temperature sensing range -55℃~125℃ (the highest lead can only withstand about 85℃). No external components, the unique single bus interface DS18B20 sealant is super hard rubber, the wire is pure copper lead (never aluminum copper plating). The external probe for freezer/refrigerator uses flat wire design, which is convenient for the probe to reach into the freezer/refrigerator to collect internal temperature data.