How WS1-Pro Makes Your Life Easier

Have you thought about how temperature and humidity sensors can simplify your life? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to find out!

How WS1-Pro Makes Your Life Easier

Temperature, frequently described as degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, is the measurement of warmth or coolness about a predetermined norm. The quantity of water vapor, often known as moisture, mostly in the air is known as humidity. It is important to monitor and keep the right temperature and humidity conditions in the perspective of safety and well-being to sustain health, comfort, and productivity.

Since humidity is nearly absurd without insight into the temperature, humidity and temperature nearly always seem to go in tandem. As temperature rises, a particular moisture level in a given air volume will decrease the humidity value (since hot air is capable of holding more water).

One of the various explanations why you must monitor and graphically show the humidity and temperature throughout time is that they vary over time, just like temperature.

With temperature and humidity sensors like the WS1-Pro, it is easiest to regulate and monitor temperature and humidity. With these smart sensors, your physical and emotional wellness and your ability to sleep soundly and stay healthy are significantly improved by monitoring temperature and humidity.

Functions of the WS1-Pro

Let’s explore some of the WS1-Pro functions.

1: Remote Control

A cloud-based monitoring data logger is WS1-Pro. The temperature, humidity, and light sources are detected and measured by the WS1-Pro’s built-in sensors. It matches data to the UbiBot IoT cloud platform over WiFi, enabling you to view true and based on past through the UbiBot App or Web Console platform from any location and get real-time warnings.

The WS1-Pro also has two Micro USB connections, letting you use additional measuring sensors to increase your devices’ usefulness.

Your home can incorporate the WS1-Pro with simplicity. While away from the house, keep an eye on the temperature and choose when to activate your wireless heater. The modern style fits well in any household, and the huge screen provides a quick overview of the present situation.

2: Alerts

You can develop smart warnings to sound on the WS1-Pro anytime any measurements deviate from the predefined range. You can receive notifications when the device lacks internet connectivity. The sensors continuously go beyond the defined range, low power, etc. Email, app notifications, HTTP, API, IFTTT(Free), SMS, and voice calls(Fees may apply) are all alerting options.

For instance, everyone knows how crucial it is to prevent your infant from overheating. If you install a WS1-Pro sensor in the child’s room, you can unwind, knowing that you will be notified whenever it becomes too hot or cold.

3: Share with Others: Share the Device with Multiple People

With WS1-Pro, you can control many devices under a single account. There is no limitation on the number of devices you can manage under one account for business users who want to centrally manage numerous devices. Mass operations for device settings, alarms, and remotely controlled procedures are additionally offered. The option to share devices with others enables distributed management by various coworkers.

4: Voice Control

You may create automated voice connections with other smart devices, such as Google Assistant and Google Sheets, by using WS1-Pro in connection with IFTTT and Alexa.

#5: Data Export

All data is downloaded and saved on the UbiBot Platform, a cloud-based IoT platform. You can view past and current data visualizations using the UbiBot App and Web Console. You can see even the smallest variations in the curve because of the Y-scaleable axis’s scale. You can get the records from the UbiBot Platform in CSV or PDF format. Using the data forwarding service, you can preserve your privacy by transferring the data gathered by WS1-Pro to your private URL.


Having a WS1-Pro is essential if you wish to monitor humidity and temperature. Such wireless safety shields your area from the effects of temperature and humidity fluctuations that could cause pricey and lasting damage to your home, workplace, equipment, and much more.